My first experience in engineering drawing

in Sketchbook10 months ago

I flipped up to my past and just discovered really it was a good time I had

Here today I want to share🛗 with you the fun🔫” and glorious moments💿 back then in my second level of education.

A picture🏞 of my technical drawing📏📐 exercise back then at government technical college bukuru plateau state Nigeria.

Back then in my secondary school, I was at the department of electrical installation💡, so we do offer engineering drawing📏📐 as a course, it was really fun🏄‍♀️ but hard🤦‍♂️ to discover🧠 and I believe it was because we weren’t deep in the game yet😌

Here again is another one.

I use to think🤔 I will never be able to draw😰
Not on till my teacher👨‍🏫 of engineering drawing motivated me. It was hard to relate tho, but I tried my best.

We’ve got another one to step down the looks👀 of today

With more time I will get to show you more of them and even the updated ones. The first picture on the list was a group work we were assigned to do in my department which I happen to be the group leader, the work was that, the group leader will draw on behalf of his/her group members

I was privileged🤌to be picked👌🏽as the leader to the first☝️ group👩‍👩‍👦‍👦. We all in my group tried, members guarded👨‍✈️ me while I go on with the work👨‍💻 and it was a success🤝 tho not perfect.

Stay tuned📲 to my post👨‍💻 and keep supporting👍 together we shall reach the top🏬.


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Your teacher does not give more than 7/10 ni?

Lol😂 due to his words, he said no one can be perfect
Ive got drawings with even lower points
The 7/10 you see was even the highest score😇

Engineering drawing was one of my favorite subject since high school. What is interests me is, it is like a puzzle, you have to present the side that is hidden based on the other sides that is given. :)

You're right👍
It's really fun🥳
For those who understand 😇😇😇