Practicing Front-End Development - A Simple Intro Section with Dropdown Navigation

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Hello devs!👋

Just a few months ago, I kicked off my journey into the coding world with HTML and CSS. I guess I can't say I've completely mastered them but I got to understand the basic concepts of front end development which then encouraged me to delve into JavaScript.

Recently, I realized that I haven't really worked on much projects to put my front end knowledge into practice, so I decided to search online for some simple projects to work on , that's when I stumbled upon Fronted Mentor which is a site with challenges that help to improve your coding skills by building simple projects. Then I searched through some of the available free challenges and I decided to work on this one...

The challenge:

Desktop preview

Mobile preview

Your challenge is to build out this intro section with dropdown navigation and get it looking as close to the design as possible.

You can use any tools you like to help you complete the challenge. So if you've got something you'd like to practice, feel free to give it a go.

Your users should be able to:

  • View the relevant dropdown menus on desktop and mobile when interacting with the navigation links.
  • View the optimal layout for the content depending on their device's screen size.
  • See hover states for all interactive elements on the page.

But in this challenge, I decided to work on only the mobile view because I was really interested in learning to build drop-down menus like the one displayed in the mobile design and I knew I'd have to apply some JavaScript inorder to open and close the navigation menu and the drop-downs too.

So I download the starter file from the website which contained the necessary assets for the challenge like the images, SVG icons, style guide etc.

Then I got to work!


This part was not much of a problem, I just created the main page layout, the menu and the drop-downs which are to be hidden.
And I included all the required images and icons in their right positions.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

  <link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="32x32" href="./images/favicon-32x32.png">
  <link href='' rel='stylesheet'>
  <title>Frontend Mentor | Intro section with dropdown navigation</title>

<div class="top" >
<img src="images/logo.svg" width="80px" >
<img src="images/icon-menu.svg" width="30px" id="menu" >
<img src="images/image-hero-mobile.png" width="100%" >

<div class="text" >
<h1>Make remote work</h1>

<p> Get your team in sync, no matter your
location. Streamline process, create <br>team 
rituals and watch productivity sour.<br>

<button>Learn more</button>


<div class="logos" >
<img src="images/client-databiz.svg" width="80px"  >
<img src="images/client-audiophile.svg" width="50px"  >
<img src="images/client-meet.svg" width="70px"  >
<img src="images/client-maker.svg" width="70px"  >

<div id="nav" >
<div class="rel" >
<div class="close" >
<img src="images/icon-close-menu.svg" id="close" >
<li id="features" >Features 
<img src="images/icon-arrow-down.svg" id="f-arrow"  >
<div id="f-drop" class="drop" >
<div><img src="images/icon-todo.svg" >Todo List</div>
<div><img src="images/icon-calendar.svg" >Calender</div>
<div><img src="images/icon-reminders.svg" >Remimders</div>
<div><img src="images/icon-planning.svg" >Planning</div>

<li id="company" >Company
<img src="images/icon-arrow-down.svg" id="c-arrow"  >
<div id="c-drop" class="drop"  >
<div>Our Team</div>

<li >Login</li>
<li><button> Register</button>

<div id="blur" >



This part was actually what took most of my time as I tried my best to give my design the exact same look as the one specified in the challenge. I also got position the menu in a fixed position and I used the display property to hide it together with the inner drop-downs.

body {

.top {
padding:20px 15px;

.text h1{
color:hsl(0, 0%, 8%);
.text p {
color:hsl(0, 0%, 41%);

.text button {
margin:25px auto;
color:hsl(0, 0%, 98%);
background-color:hsl(0, 0%, 8%);
padding:15px 20px;

.logos {
margin:10px auto 100px ;

#nav {
color:hsl(0, 0%, 41%);

#nav  .close {
padding:20px 20px 0;

#nav ul{
padding:0 12%;

#nav li {
padding:12px 0;

#nav li img{
padding:0 7px;

#nav span {

span button {
border:1.5px solid hsl(0,0%,41%);

.drop  {
padding: 20px 5% 0;

.drop div {

#blur {

The JavaScript

I haven't learnt much JavaScript but I decided to push myself towards completing this task.
Thankfully, I got to know a bit about DOM manipulations while I was learning HTML and I did put that to good use here. If-else statements also came in handy for creating toggles.

I used JavaScript to achieve the following:

  • Opening and closing of the menu when the right icons are clicked. I also did something very similar for the drop-downs.

  • Displaying the background blur which I had earlier created with a div element when the menu is opened.

  • Changing the arrow images when the drop-downs are opened and when they are closed.

I know I may not have used the best approach here and there would have been a much easier way to achieve this but I'm just glad I got things to work with the little JavaScript I know.

//My variables

let openMenu = document.getElementById("menu");
let closeMenu = document.getElementById("close");
let nav = document.getElementById("nav");
let features = document.getElementById("features");
let company = document.getElementById("company");
let fDrop = document.getElementById("f-drop");
let cDrop = document.getElementById("c-drop");
let fArrow = document.getElementById("f-arrow");
let cArrow = document.getElementById("c-arrow");
let blur = document.getElementById("blur");

// My actions

openMenu.onclick = function open(){ = "block"; = "block";
} ;

closeMenu.onclick = function close(){ = "none"; = "none";
} ;

features.onclick = function fdrop(){

if( != "block"){ = "block";
else{ = "none";


company.onclick = function cdrop(){

if( != "block"){ = "block";
else{ = "none";

The Outcome




My codes may not appear very neat or professional but I certainly do look forward to improving on that and I'm sure that with time I'd definitely get a hang of it.
I really enjoyed working on this project because I've always loved using CSS.
I'd love to know what you guys think 😊...

Thanks for your time!


To me CSS part is always boring 😂 but fun. Did you know about hacktoberfest? it's a nice way to challenge yourself by contributing to open source projects and also a nice way to learn about GIT and make your first PR.

Hmm..."boring but fun"😂, I guess I can somehow relate to that😅.
Sometimes you write so much code just to achieve a simple thing and it sure does get really boring when you aren't even building anything cool😂.

Did you know about hacktoberfest? it's a nice way to challenge yourself by contributing to open source projects and also a nice way to learn about GIT and make your first PR.

Wow! I haven't heard of it but it does sound really cool. I guess I'll have to do my research.

Thanks a lot for the update and for stopping by!

Good job in your work! Css is tought!

Thanks for stopping by!😊


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Very nice! I love building mobile websites because of that sidebar menu but I can only do it using CSS. I am currently learning JavaScript and I am going to work on a project soon, the steps you took for making the sidebar interactive will be very useful

I'm really glad you found it useful and I also look forward to seeing your projects soon.😁
Thanks for stopping by!

You are currently learning JavaScript or you are already badass In JavaScript.

I am still learning Sir 😊 I just started two weeks ago but I am good with C, and that has made learning JavaScript much easier

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Thanks buzz!💪

I know about frontend mentor and even in their slack channel. I once took up a challenge from there about 5 months ago and complete it. It’s a good place to find challenging tasks and build up your skills.

Unfortunately for me, building my frontend skills is on break now. I would come back to it later. But reading this article of yours pressures me to take up a challenge.

Wow...that's really nice!
As for me, anytime I take a break from frontend, I feel like I'm slowly loosing everything thing I've learnt. I even felt that way when I was working on this project. But then I also realized that it's almost impossible for someone who isn't really doing a lot of practice to master it all without going back for reference when building projects.

Thanks a lot for visiting!😊

Wow...I don't understand most of the programming terminologies here but I can just wish you more grace and wisdom in this amazing skill bro.

Thanks a lot ma'am😊
Your kind words are more than enough 😇😂

My head is spinning while reading all these. Haha. This side of tech is way out of my reach, but it's something I 'may' consider exploring in the future.

Is there a specific laptop type that is best for this?

Haha😅... I also felt the same way when I started but with time I began to feel at home with it, tho there is still a lot to learn.
You should consider diving in, it can be really fun sometimes 🙂

Is there a specific laptop type that is best for this

Not really...For basic stuff like this, any standard laptop would do. But it's always suggested that you use at least 8GB RAM and i5 processor. I even use my phone sometimes🙂

Cool. This is really exciting. I need to prepare my mind and know if it's something I would like to explore.

You are already doing well in this regard. This is a nice skill to have

Sure, that would be great and thanks a lot!

This is actually so amazing. I just started my programming journey last week and it's actually more fun that I thought. I've learnt html and almost through with css. Seeing this project of your is just outstanding and I can't wait to be able to do this on my own.

Will like to be in contact with you if you don't mind incase I have some small question....

Wow! I'm really happy to know you liked my work 😊.

Yes stuff like this can be really fun especially when you have the passion. And it's really good to know started your own journey.

Well, I'm pretty much still a learner but I'd love to be of help in any way I can!😊