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RE: Dedicated to all the fucked up drivers out there : In loving Memory of Uncle Raymond


I am reading all about ED, as I am an Ed I was thinking wtf does ED have to do with a drink driving invention but then you explain ED is for Educating Drivers.
This is a great concept and now that driverless driving is virtually here it needs looking at. We actually have some bus routes near me which are going driverless!
Drink Driving is a terrible thing, am not sure if that was the reason for the untimely death of Uncle Raymond or if he was a victim.
Thanks for sharing ED and I look forward to seeing you on the news have made your millions from it!


ED or other inventions like it, could probably go a long way in helping to resolve road accidents.

Ah yes, Uncle Raymond. I didn't really clarify what happened to him in the post well enough huh? Well, long story short, his reckless driving caused him to have a terrible accident that resulted in the complete termination of his life.

Honestly, creating the concept was the easy part but making it a reality, now there's the true challenge. Regardless, I think you're quite right! With the advancement in technology these days, it could be fairly simple.

Alas, the concept of ED goes far beyond my field of study. But who knows? Perhaps I could sell the idea for a couple bucks later on. Or even better, pitch the idea to an actual inventor who shares the same vision.

Always a pleasure my friend especially now that I know your name is Ed :)

Reading between the lines I was pretty sure that Uncle Raymond had brought about his own demise.
It should become reality one day, the need for driving ourselves will be obsolete soon enough.
Yep I am an Ed!

I sure hope so. It will sure get rid of those assholes who call themselves drivers.

Ahh... Ed huh? How nice!
Please tell me you have to best friends named Edd and Eddy :)

Aye the sooner those assholes are gone the better.
Funnily enough my two bests mates, one spells Ed Edd and the other one does call me Eddy.
So with my split personalities you do have Ed Edd and Eddy all rolled into one🤣🤣🤣

A cool driver aid named after you!

hehe how cool is that!

You've finally made it in life. 😀

woohoo I did I have made it 🤣