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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 38: Inventions

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Great entry and you're first again bro!

I love how you commented here...Told us what it has meant to you over your life. Nice work sir.

Tell me, have you had only one or has they're been many?



😃 Thanks fun topic once again, I'm genuinely curious what the rest will come up with.
(also I think I'm lucky with the time difference)...

Tricky question here, I almost feel like it would be wrong to say I've had many! Haha I'm picturing my current bball looking at me in disgust 😂😂😂.
But I think I've actually owned about 7, I mean they'll go for years if you take proper care of them...

Yeah, you get a jump on the rest of the world...Get to the topic first. Still, it's not just chance, you actively choose to comment. So thanks.

Yeah, I remember the basket balls at school must have been 20 years old, all worn and faded. They last for a while though. You play a lot I guess, so it makes sense you have had multiple...Just tell the current one it's the best! 😂

I have fond memories of the phys ed classes as a kid, using those really old basketballs thinking of how long they've been around, how many people have played with them. Some teachers even when they were kids attending the school could have used them. Always interested me to think of it!

I have no clue how old the ones I was using were but I know they were old. Some were so work there was not a single marking of any kind left on it!

Yo soy muy mala con los balones. Y jugando baloncesto en la escuela. Siempre me daba miedo larzar y recibir

We can't be good at all things...I'm sure you found something else to excel at...Truth be told I was terrible at basketball also...It just wasn't my game.

Bueno en los deportes no eran mis pasatiempos. Yo preferia, pintar, dibujar, hacer manualidades....