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RE: "Good Guy" Nvidia creates Mining GPUs

in LeoFinance7 months ago

It has been frustrating as hell to upgrade my 4-year old card to a current one so I can play games with friends. I would definitely double duty that with mining while I am not gaming to make more use of the investment.

Doesn't matter when there are none on the market, and the scalpers are making bank by taking advantage of the demand.

When I heard the newer cards were going to come at a lower retail price tag, my first impression was positive til I immediately remembered that this was an empty sentiment if there are zero available. Gimping mining and gaming cards for doing the other is such a stupid bandaid when compared to just upping production/employment/availability to meet the true demand.

Price hikes will be inconsequential once again as you won't be able to get your $1000 card for less than $3000.

Seriously good for them for being in the right business. Shame on them for not doing business properly. Boohoo for the little guy.