The Trickle Down Effect of HIVE Gains Due To Trading Pairs on HIVE-Engine

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I have been speaking of how HIVE gains are transferred to rest of the Tokens that are linked to HIVE for a long time. One of the primary reasons I can point out for this is HIVE-Engine having all of its trades priced against SWAP.HIVE instead of a stablecoin like HBD. The search features on HIVE are not very good and I cannot find my old writings on what I had to say about the impact of HIVE-Engine on Tokens prices against HIVE. Hivesearcher is a great tool developed by @ecency team. It is still not as amazing as I would like it to be.

Price of HIVE + L2 Tokens

As you can clearly see, the rest of the Tokens are following the trend set by HIVE in a way reminiscent of BTC leading the gains in cryptocurrency at times. I don't want to fill the page with too many price charts. You are welcome to do your own research. In fact, I would encourage readers to become familiar with research tools and play around with them occasionally to come up with market insights.

I was not born with knowledge on markets. I researched and through my own critical thinking became a capable trader. I'm inexperienced and not the greatest trader by any means. Take a look at traders like @khaleelkazi @empoderat @scaredycatguide for a more experience and maturity.

DEC: An Alternative To Stablecoins

HIVE can be easily traded for HBD through following exchages:

The exchanges by @ecency and @peakd offer the best features. If you have not come across them, take a lokk and see the improvements they have made. Most of it is overkill for a simple trade. That is no excuse to slack off on features.

The situation with wrapped assets is much different. I don't actively trade on Polygon and BNB Chain. I'm not a fan of the downgrade experienced when moving away from HIVE. Projects like KoinDX are not even released yet. HIVE-Engine is not a hostspot for stablecoin trading.

That is why I bought DEC with HIVE. There is a soft peg and serious utility for DEC. DEC is usually one of the Top 3 Tokens by trading volume. The slippage is likely to be very low and limit orders can be optimized to have the best exchange rates.

The Immediate Impact of HIVE Gains

The numbers in red are against HIVE which went up more than 40% in a matter of minutes. Every single Token you are looking at gained against USD. Sudden price shocks are felt more when the assets are paired with volatile cryptocurrencies like HIVE instead of HBD or even DEC. This impact is compounded by the fact that traders get to take their profits at zero transaction fees. There are only deposit/withdrawal fees on HIVE-Engine and these can be minimized via a bridge like @uswap

HIVE is Full of Under The Radar Surprises

Consider the content of this article as a small dose of the things to experience on HIVE. There is a rabbit hole after rabbit hole for those who care to learn. The mainstream and Crypto Twitter is utterly oblivious to what is going on with things related to HIVE. Smart investors who stick around can get a tremendous competitive advantage over regular traders simply through regularly engaging in HIVE activities!

Check Out HIVE Projects

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HIVE is the base currency of the coins on HIVE Engine.

Honey Swap is a primary path between HIVE and HE. You can follow trends by parsing this account.

One thing I've noticed is that, whenever there is a bump in the price of HIVE, some users move their liquid stake from HIVE-Engine to HIVE which causes a drop in the HE equities.

PS: HE suffers a serious lack of liquidity. The best way for HIVEans to improve HE is simply to put high-ball sell orders for the coins they are not interested in accumulating.

When the sales do go through, people can put low ball BUY orders on the coins they want to collect.

By actively engaging in the exchange, users provide the liquidity the exchange needs.

The strategy of high ball and low ball orders often pays off. It usually pays more than participation in swaps.


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Another extra way to help is provide liquidity to @uswap which is a cheaper than using @honey-swap There is a small reward for liquidity providers.

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That's what i like about Hive, this ecosystem is developed in such a way. Imagine when hive price goes above 1 $, All these Hive engine coins will have an amazing run.

LEO will be one of the better performers among them.

Hive ecosystem is a rabbit hole for sure. There is enough infrastructure within hive ecosystem for users to sustain. I have used @ecency and @peakd market to swap hive and hbd in the recent past. I bared go to Hive Engine interface. I feel comfortable using tribaldex interface.

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The only thing you are missing out by not using HIVE-Engine is missing out on DSwap which allow swaps between any two HIVE-Engine Tokens. You cannot do this on Tribaldex. DSwap can be accessed as separate website if you want to.

I did not know about DSwap. It looks like it is handy if I want to convert my random HE token to something I hold like Leo.


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Hive is very strong and trusted platform. We will see that in the coming days when the ball market starts, in each coming days many peoples will be join hive platform and its coin going up. And all the smaller coins that are working on it will also see their price go up in the coming days as they follow on it.

There is a lot of tokens linked to hive and it's kind of amazing how the prices change. As for the new exchanges, I also prefer features over looks. The looks can come after the features are done.

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