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RE: Brendan Eich Says Blockchain Is a Wrong Tool For Task and He Knows About Hive

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#Hive does that

Wonder why people are ignoring Hive and only look at solutions that currently only exist on paper (Solana).


I wonder that all the time. Probably they see some flaws that we don't see.

I don't think that is something related with flaws, this man has its own idea of how new social media should be, is probably very similar to Hive and if it isn't should be easy for him to make a HF and start working in his own HIVE based blockchain to accomodate it to his tastes and will.

The issue is that he is too proud of himself to recognize that you've pointed out something interesting that he ignores. He is a genius so "who the fuck are you to tell me what I should do".

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Exactly. I will not participate in any conversations with this man so as not to risk causing damage to our cause with any poorly thought out comments. But I also get that vibe from him and I don't like it.

Geniuses or not, people whose pride has made them blind can go fuck their centralized selves. The world is a vast universe compared to any single human being.

I really dislike not trying to express yourself clearly and honestly, which he is doing in his comments.

It's fine if he has an vision of his own not fully compatible with our thing.

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That's how it seemed to me too.

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Maybe he doesn't know that it's open source?, that should make him think it twice, if he ignores it.

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