Ask Leo : What is the FUD in Crypto?

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FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) is a term used to describe a time or scenario where we have a certain combination of negative feelings that lead us to act irrationally due to various situations that are generally related to negative emotions , fear, uncertainty and doubt before "x" reasons or "realities."

It could be a past decision that we now believe misguided, read some news, or simply have a feeling.

It goes very hand with the FOMO, if we buy in a hurried way by the FOMO, most likely, we can buy at a high price, in the near future we can see how the prices of the assets purchased fall and our assets decreases, this situation will generate FUD in any rookie or emotional merchant.

The feeling that generates the possibility of not recovering our money makes the reason to the pipe, you begin to feel sick, decayed, anxious and most likely that all this makes you sell your assets even if this leads to the fact that you generate lost.

At the moment you will feel relieved, surely the market continues to fall a little more, but from one moment to another truth as it is recovered, such as the price of the assets you owned, and as the old feeling of tranquility becomes guilt. Almost like a horror story, all thanks to the FUD. One of the most living proof that we are human.

FUD in Trading
There are many strategies that carry the FUD, usually all lacking ethics, the FUD is only to sow fear to manipulate people and although we can say that in most cases this is presented in merchants naturally, almost They always experience it to see the vertiginous movements of the market against what they expect, movements that are generated by the manipulation of the professionals.

The FUD is just a sensation, part of the emotion, the important thing is not to get carried away by these emotions and keep calm, if you buy at a price remember that most markets recover, calmly determine if the market where you trade is One, sure, with liquidity and investors.

Avoid fomo and avoid the FUD, both terms have their origin in emotions, avoid one, avoid another, fall into one, fall into another, like a vicious circle.

Avoid getting carried away by market movements, remember that most of the movements are manipulation of professionals, try that people excite themselves too positively and buy expensive, to get excited negatively and sell cheap.

Study each market before entering it, follow a previously established strategy and apply for your decision.

Do not obsess with the news, many of these are false or with a lot of lack of

Do not try to buy with fomo or bandages with FUD.

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I know that many people know what's FUD, but it's important that newbies learn it too... I know that I didn't know many of these terms and I had to google them... Also, one thing is to know the meaning, and the other is how it "looks" in the real situation... You have explained it well!

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