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RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - June 8th 2021

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That’s a question none of know and will affect everything from cell phones, bank accounts, nuclear weapons, and of course crypto.

I suspect we are a long ways out and if we get even remotely close we can up the bits to out pace it.

Even when and if quantum computing gets here it will initially be limited to governments and massive businesses.

Hive's ability to adapt is likely better than most crypto projects in the space.

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Quantum computing is like Super AI.

If you are not familiar, there are three forms of AI.

ANI, or Narrow Intelligence, this is typically what you see today. We train a computer to do one thing and do it well, play chess, solve pi, detect cats and dogs. If you throw any other problem at it, it can't solve it as it has no way to understand what to do.

AGI, this is General Intelligence, you no longer train something specifically on one task and it can react like a human and respond to most tasks quite well by learning and adapting. We haven't accomplished this stage and would be the key to making human quality androids.

ASI, the apex of AI is Super Intelligence, this is intelligence that is beyond human ability. This is a real threat to humanity as we know it. Once a computer can surpass our ability to solve problems without topical training, anything is possible. A cure for cancer in less than a week, extending the life of humans another hundred years, and the absolute extinction of the human race.

There is a understanding that smart people learn faster and are able to snowball their intelligence quickly. When you have a computer that is multiple times smarter than us, it's intelligence will grow exponentially to levels our mind can't even comprehend.

ASI & Quantum computing can be the single biggest change to the human specious, for better or worse.