Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - June 8th 2021

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Have you always wanted to ask me something?
Now is your chance, there won't be another!
(ok, ok, there will)

Hit me up in the comment section with a question and I will do my best to answer it. I post a new AMA post every 2 months or so.

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What is an AMA?

AMA is a format popular on Reddit where one person offers to answer questions for a limited period of time.

How long will I answer questions?

I will usually answer them pretty quickly, and I should be around for a few hours. I will continue to answer them as they come in.

What type of questions can you ask?

I'm open to pretty much anything but my interest fall in the following categories:

  • Hive
  • Hive Witness
  • Crypto
  • Gaming (Video & Board)
  • Photography
  • Development
  • Technology
  • Productivity
  • Movies & TV
  • Comedy
  • Memes
  • Dad Jokes
  • Waiting for CPUs & GPUs to come in stock (still ffs!)

Don't feel limited to the above categories, just things I generally talk about.

So let's get this shit started!

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Hi, I noticed some people have alt accounts for voting on community tokens, like name.leo and name.pob. Then delegate their tokens to that account. Can you explain a reason for this? Why not just use the main account. Thanks in advance

Let’s say you want to participate in leo and pob. You find a post you like that is Leo and vote on it. Your Hive and Leo voting power has gone down but your pob has not. You then find a pob post and vote on it reducing your Hive and pob voting power but not your Leo. Finally you find a post on Hive but without either tags and vote on it only reducing your Hive voting power.

Over time your voting power with get out of sync as every post won’t likely be on leo and pob exclusively.

By using dedicated accounts you can use your voting power for each token without waste.

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My question to you is, if I'm upvoting through portals like Stemgeeks or proofofbrain or really any number of portals to the hive, does the upvote for the person's post only get backed by the coin of the front end I'm using? For instance, on Ecency, I get Hive, the native currency. I don't get additional ecency coins from people's upvotes; however, when I visited the proofofbrain community, I found I had pob waiting for me. When I went to the StemGeeks interface, I had Stem waiting for me. So if I upvote on a post and I have staked POB, STEM, and have HP, does the person I upvote get a portion of all 3 (amongst many other coins I've staked tied to Hive)? And if they get all the ones I've staked, does that also mean when I curate, I'm getting a percentage of all 3, also?

You can earn tokens on any tribe (community with their own token).

It is possible to earn tokens without any staked like if you leave a comment on a pob post and get upvoted by someone with pob staked but usually it is via author and curation in those communities.

Generally though people will make a dedicated account for curation due to shared voting power issues.

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So rewards from my upvotes are dependent on which community I'm signed into at the time and the staking I have in that community? For instance, I am currently signed into the Stem community for this comment. When I upvote your reply to me, it's worth 0.000434 Stem, based on what I saw. I'm assuming then, that you won't get 100% of my HP vote or POB vote but my vote will only be based on my staking in Stem because that's the community I'm interacting on at the moment, correct?

It doesn’t matter what community you are signed in to. All the matters is what tokens you have staked an what tags were used on the post. If you have pob staked but the post isn’t tagged with proofofbrain you will not give any pob influence nor will you earn pob curation rewards.

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Very interesting! Thank you!

I hope you do get the time to upgrade the front-end, these standardised interfaces are very basic. Nice to see some excellent writing in here though so thanks for creating and running the community.

When are you going to start posting your dad jokes on the Motherhood community? We welcome dads in there too!

I didn't even know about the Motherhood community, but I'm not really a mom.

Did you promote it in the Community Announce community?

Honestly though, I'm more into puns than dad jokes, but I try to not tell them to kleptomaniacs because they take everything, literally!

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Ok so, first I didn't know about the community to announce communities, did you announce that community? we are not new we are actually under the OCD incubation program (on a trial basis for now) but will be promoting it there of course (this whole thing feels ver inception like LOL).

Second I would be surprise if you were a mom but then again now days men are getting pregnant so... who knows, but like I said we welcome dads there too, we actually have a few dads already posting!! We actually have a celebration for father's day coming so it would be nice to have you with a few jokes cause it doesnt matter if they are puns or whatever if they are told by a dad they are categorize as dad jokes!

did you announce that community?

Yes, a long time ago, but most people I don't think use it.
The idea is if people do use it and subscribe to it, it is much easier to know about new communities.

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Dad Jokes

Nice to know your playful side! What is your favorite game with your child (s)?

my son is 14 months old and he has a lot of fun when I run after him shouting: I'll catch you! 🤭🤭🤭

Nice to know your playful side! What is your favorite game with your child (s)?

We played a lot of Fortnite & Minecraft together, right now my favorite is Hunt: Showdown. For board games, I like Marvel Dice Masters.

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Ok then let’s start. I am very new here and still learning every day something new. I like it very much, nice community so far. But now to my question: I read some articles outside hive that social tokens like Hive and others will be the next hype in crypto. What’s your opinion to this topic? Thanks and stay healthy.

I read some articles outside hive that social tokens like Hive and others will be the next hype in crypto. What’s your opinion to this topic? Thanks and stay healthy.

I think what we have isn't particularly new, many have tried and are doing it now. When you boil it down, it's just a distribution method like mining Bitcoin.

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Hormone, homeless, help, home. Which is your favorite depot?

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What do you think about Game of Thrones Ending?

One of the worst final seasons in TV history.

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Do you think POB gonna stay strong (and growing?) it's a risky bet inject money to buy pob for stake?

I am a firm believer that anyone that tells you what a token is going to be worth is full of shit.

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Ok haha. But. Do you bet/stake on Proofofbrain?

It is an interesting experiment.

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According to the title it is July 8th when you are at. Are you from the future?

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Is HIVE ready to host any application? In that case. What would be missing to attract more developers, if we have transactions without commissions and one of the fastest chains? Or do you think we are maturing at a good rate?

Is HIVE ready to host any application?

I think we can host a lot, but we need smart contracts to host almost anything.

do you think we are maturing at a good rate?

Could be a lot better.

I thought that smart contracts could be executed, I still have a lot to learn. But can the changes be made to the chain to support smart contracts?

The FBI took control of a cloud server with the private key.

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ah, ok, interesting, you know how they figured out the wallet/key was on that particular cloud server?

Cool, thanks for the info, still kind of weird because this article is from May 14th but according to the Blockchain data the BTC was transferred to the FBI seized wallet on May 28th.... but I get the gist of it, probably whatever corporation was hosting their web servers handed them over to the FBI...

Are you into indie games? If so, what's your favorite right now?

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I am generally not so much into indie games, I like polish and depth, but there are occasionally some good indie games.

The most recently ones I liked are Valheim and The Raft.

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What do you see for the future of STEMGeeks? Any new developments on the plans?

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The next big thing would be Hackathon 2.

I am deciding about building a new front end but I haven't started yet. My biggest focus would be onboarding.

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Hey Marky, thanks for hosting this.

Do we have any tool to see basic stats from our own Hive Account? I am not a dev so cannot create or run queries. But if it comes to that, Do you think an average joe like me who is a non-dev can learn at least the basics of SQL or whatever is required?

For ex: I want to know how much Hive or Leo I made through my comments in a particular time frame like a day, a week, or a month.

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There is currently no sql db for Hive Engine data like leo payouts. You would need to query the Hive Engine api directly.

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Alright. Thanks for your reply. I guess it's out of my bounds.

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Engine is just mongo, which is pretty easy to learn if you already know SQL(probably even easier).

What do you think about the new developments of SMTs on Hive Engine? I don't think I have seen many people using the feature yet nor have anyone go into detail about it yet.

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I was just looking it over.

Looks like it is more of another way to do things rather than an improvement. In fact, right now it is more limited than existing option and there is no benefit to move scotbot tribes over.

Cats or dogs?
Apples or oranges?
Which came first, chicken or egg?
What are you most proud of doing in the last week?

Dogs but have a cat due to reasons
Buying Bitcoin on sale

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Any thoughts on how we can get Hive to grow? I see projects creating hundreds of accounts, but we just have a few thousand active users. Some are just posting and not commenting, but they may just be desperate for rewards and not interested in socialising. We have some cool creative content, but a lot of the votes go to the OG (yourself included). Maybe we need to target certain types of content that could do well here, e.g. comics. If we can get a buzz going in specific fields it may bring in others. I'm no marketing expert and maybe what @lordbutterfly is doing will help.

Markys AMA. lol. Pretty sure Marky doesnt think anything i do is helpful.😂

Well at least you are doing something. It can feel like some big players are not bothered if Hive grows.

Most of them are paying attention and are helpful. Some providing contacts and delegations for the coming influencers. Its just Marky that really doesnt like me. But ill let him chip in on that. 😂

Most of them are paying attention and are helpful. Some providing contacts and delegations for the coming influencers.

Happy to hear it. It may just take a few key influencers to get things moving.

Its just Marky that really doesnt like me.

Well I didn't like you criticising my dedication to Hive ;) I just think that given how badly we have done to date that we need to work together on anything that can improve matters.

Some people care more about their own personal antagonism than benefiting Hive. Marky ive contacted multiple times to help with promoting STEM, with promoting the Hackathon.
Last years Hackathon was promoted almost nowhere...
Hes rooting for me to fail (now its more than just me working on this) so when you ask him what he thinks about the proposal, his answer is expected. 😄

Clashes of personalities are common on Hive. Often they can put people off getting involved, so we should try to get along more.

I think there are more people in my village than are active on Hive. When we get to city level then we can be more complacent.

Most of the accounts being created are alts to farm rewards sadly.

I believe we need more dApps that don't depend on the reward pool that are interesting to those outside of Hive.

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I can assume people are grabbing good account names in hope of selling them later. I think we have a good range of dapps, but still hardly anyone has heard of Hive and you wouldn't know that some dapps use it.

I remember Dan squatted the big names early on and Nog got the rest.

@themarkymark I'l give you a hard one! What is your favorite meme? 😉


This one, but you really have to know the context to get it. Those in PAL likely have an idea.

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Is this expected behavior?
It seems the percentage of the whole is printing zeros.


Hmm, I'm getting broken links in the preview.


So, no screencap.
Archon is showing the percentage of the whole as zeros?

Can you add your tool to see how much I have spent on games, specifically farmfarmer?

I don't see any transactions for you for farmfarmer.

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Lol, I'm using freebornsociety.

333.666 Hive

Oh, thank you.
Not near as bad as what I had feared.
I'm trying to set prices on the two coins for the market, but math across multiple inputs is not my strongest attribute.

I just fat fingered a 'banner' day,...

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No, you?

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If Hive gets to 8 cents, there will be a buying spree.
Unlike Lassecash, it won't just be one person buying back their own token.

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The thing about Lassecrap and any token that is centrally controlled by one party is it is any price they want it to be, until they don't or can no longer support it by buying it back. Like a hot potato, you don't want to be holding it then.

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That’s a question none of know and will affect everything from cell phones, bank accounts, nuclear weapons, and of course crypto.

I suspect we are a long ways out and if we get even remotely close we can up the bits to out pace it.

Even when and if quantum computing gets here it will initially be limited to governments and massive businesses.

Hive's ability to adapt is likely better than most crypto projects in the space.


Do you love yourself so much that you have to rate your own comments?

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Is Lassecash everything you wished Hive could be?


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While there is no hard cap, it is completely predictable, disclosed, and shrinking.

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Hive inflation is around 7.6% right now. Higher than some tokens, but fairly reasonable. Compared to some tribes that are 300%+ higher.

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