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RE: Hive Governance, Decentralization, and Campaign for Leofinance Witness

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It took me a little while to start voting, I'll admit, but I agree that it is super important for active community members to cast their available votes. I definitely have @leofinance on my list... and others are dispersed among the different tribes I'm a part of and the initiatives I believe in. This participation is the whole point of the decentralized governance system. Thanks so much for making this point, geekgirl. You seem to have a persuasive style about you. ;)

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Thank you David. I am glad you could see something interesting in the post. I usually write in boring category.

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Not boring at all! I just went and checked your feed and I will repeat: definitely not boring. Quite the opposite, actually, I love that you like to attempt more technical deep dives. You keep doing what you're doing... I'm now a follower and I'll go back and read some of your past stuff soon.

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