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RE: 3D Printing In Retail

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And I hope prices will drop soon so it becomes affordable for having one at home too.

They will. However, it is important to see where the market is.

We have the very low end, sub $1,000 devices which are a bit limited in what they can do. Then there is the $100K plus market. We really did not see a middle ground. The $5,00,-$25,000 market was abandoned a few years ago.

Of course, what cost $100K in 2017 probably costs $25K now.

The market will fill in and the neat features will start at the high end and filter down. Give it another few years and we will likely see some amazing product for a couple grand.

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It could be a good investment to be an early adaptor ;)

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Depends upon what is generated with it.

As for the item itself, it is technology so it will drop in price and increase in ability over time.

But if one is in early and starts a business around it, then sure there could be huge money made.

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