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RE: LeoFinance witness - How many have earned more than 1000 LEO this month but haven't voted Leo as witness? -Python code + DATA and CHARTS

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Can we compile the list of those who are not voting so we can contact them and get them to vote?

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I have the complete list of usernames who have voted and who haven't . I thought it is better not to mention them in the post because they might get offended.

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Well it is public information. It is not as if we cant go to the witness voting page and see the names.

It is just a pain in the ass to manually cross reference with the parameters you pulled up.

As for getting offended, it might help. If they are getting compensated with Leo yet do not support the witness node, then perhaps they dont merit the support of upvotes.

By my calculations, the witness server for Leofinance needs about 21 million more HP.

Some of those people can help move it closer.

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You know I had put the table of who haven't voted and just deleted at the end.

Since everything is transparent , you are right it will help if we can contact them.

It's almost midnight here -
In the morning I will post it in the comments here , what do you say?

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