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RE: When did this happen?

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It has taken him the better part of a year to realize that the numbers get exciting when you have larger bags. Gaining or losing 5% of $1000 or $5000 has different emotions than a $20 investment.

The small amount piques the interest and curiosity, so the larger investments can be made.

So, yes. Perhaps 1 in 3 Australians have dabbled.

I think it is much, much lower. In Finland, I work in a company where pretty much everyone has some level of stock exposure and in the IT field. There is probably less than 1 in 5 in crypto.

It's pathological with me, lately. I keep looking around for places to cut the budget to buy more crypto. This isn't how most people operate.

It is a funny old change in mindset. Hope it is catching.


I do recognize that people start out with small amounts just to figure out how things work. However, I think many people don't go past that. Fortunately, my co-worker has started increasing his deposits.


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