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Do you know what would be great in Peakmonsters @jarvie - a way to tag and filter playing cards out of rental cards, to make adjustments to rentals easier. This I am guessing would be done at the interface level, but this type of metadata could also be used to for example, search for cards based on desired league level, so that the "max possible" appear automatically. This would make it easier for players to find suitable cards of course, but could have a profound effect on the way people combine their cards for rental, removing many of the common "singles" into L2 or up cards, reducing the "0.1" DEC rental adjustments people tend to make. It might also be a waste of time.

PA010215 (2).jpg

But, on this note, I have a bit of a question for the players out there.

Would you rather beat "@tarazkp" or "@insertname" in a match?

I just created the @insertname account for this post

The reason is that as mentioned in the paragraph above, it is quite difficult to manage a playing deck and a rental pool of cards on the same account and pretty much, every season I start playing and then realize I am missing cards that are still rented. This used to not be that much of an issue, as the "rented cards" could be adjust easily, but now it seems almost every transaction has to be independently approved through Keychain, meaning that adjusting prices is far faster by canceling for rent and rerenting - except this means having to pick them out from the playing cards one by one.

So as a workaround, I was considering creating a "playing account" for Splinterlands where I delegate my play cards too so that I am able to filter the delegated cards out of the selection process to clean up the rent process a bit. I have done this over the last season as I gifted some delegated cards to an account so that they could experience playing in Silver Leagues instead of bronze. I even gave them mostly golds so they could earn a little more. These have a filter for them, so it makes it pretty easy to exclude them from the query.



I don't really use alt accounts for my interaction with the Hive blockchain if I can avoid it, especially if there is a social side to it. I do have a curating account (@babytarazkp) that has most of my @Hive-engine tokens delegated to it that votes many hundreds of times per week as it follows various curation accounts, but that is it.

When it comes to this though, I think I would prefer to keep playing on my main as I reckon it has more social value. I might not win much, but at least for me, I like playing against people I know, like this battle against @abh12345:


And guess who won!


SPOILER: It wasn't me.

I would have done better with a maxed summoner and Tank, but still would have lost.

Most of the games I play against people I know, I lose - but I wonder if they know me, they like winning more? At least in my experience, there is a different feeling playing with a person I am familiar with, and some random account that I don't know is a bot or not. For example, Ash posted that link into discord to gloat about how "awesome he is with Zaku" - I am surprised there isn't a series of posts on it ;D

But, we did have a discussion on it, but then, we have discussions on many, many things - Splinterlands too, but mostly not.

So, this is a little off track, but what I am thinking is that with the rise in popularity of Splinterlands, the increasing focus on play-to-earn and the shifting into Web 3.0 and empowered creators, the "game account" becomes part of the total digital persona, meaning that they should be at least somewhat linked.

On Hive, we have an advantage here (at least potentially), because by using the "Hive account" as the player account, a person can have name consistency no matter what game they join (on Hive) to play. This is not possible with all games, creating unnecessary complexity and dilution of persona, thereby making it harder to pull all of the experiences into a common point. But, it might also be possible for sometime in the future that people would be able to "secure" a player account on Hive, that then can be leveraged by non Hive games as a sign up, this gives people the possibility to have their handle wherever they go that plugs into this.

Of course, there are other "knock-on" aspects to this also, for example it is then possible for t have Hive-powered community experiences built for the games (even if they are not Hive blockchain economy enabled games), where the players already have accounts here and can login directly from the game interfaces, but have access to all of the various advantages of Hive, like secondary tokenization value streams that can be supported by the game community. This allows for Hive to be integrated and embedded through a range of ways into non-Hive experiences, whether gaming or forum based, giving a massive amount of usecase, but being far more useful than just for name consistency.


Well, that might not have gone in the direction you thought it was going to go when you started reading the post, but this is my point. There is a massive amount of content that can be generated around specific experiences and, many ways to interconnect at different content layers. for a basic example, while all names can be connected to the Hive blockchain, all experiences could be kept separate, gatewaying registered players into a community to take advantage of user benefits.

I think that the future value of all tokens and blockchains will be attached to utilization and therefore, the more usecases (especially for a generalized content delivery blockchain like Hive), the more value mechanisms and alternate streams can be generated. This opens chains up to more usability, more users and more innovation over time - and the more this happens, the more it will happen.

Things to think about at least - though it doesn't help me manage my cards right at this moment :)

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me and @asgarth have discussed developing a feature that allows users the ability to create lists of cards with corresponding filters. For example a list of the cards you want to play with... that way you can filter them out when you go to select cards to rent out.
Is that the type of thing?

It's a bit complex and there's really no money in it (unless it's a paid thing which we've never done)... but i still think we'll find a way to make it happen at some point.

Is that the type of thing?

Yep, that is pretty much it.

I am not sure how you technically implement, but I guess it would be like how you designate "only CL" or "all Dice" - except it would be a tag that is able to be user applied to individual cards so "all playing cards" becomes a filter.

I don't think there is money in it directly, but it would make life easier for users who do rent and play simultaneously.

Where there might be money (savings possibly) in though, is having the filter by max level for league. There is "MAX" filter, but most people do not play in diamond and up, so it means they have to search through the cards and the first listings are all L1s. If they can search "Silver Level" or "Gold Level" it would mean they find what they can play with faster. This would (probably) influence people to build their card decks for particular leagues for play or for rent - cutting back on the many L1 0.1 DEC cards available for rent - that only rent at EOS for the most part, but people are probably selecting all and "changing price" on them still. I don't know if it is a concern, but it might take some load off the servers while improving usability for many.

I made an enhancement request the other day that I think would work great in game but totally possible in Peakmonsters as well!

With the awesome devs and people who are good at manipulating information to get to an outcome, I know it can be done somehow!

I think it would definitely help to have something like this. For example I adjust my price of my gold foil Kron since I always rent it, considering I don't have a Llama at all. Often that means I have to cancel the rental and find it again. Not a difficult endeavor but it would be cool to have a grouping of "renting cards" or something. Hell even "favorites" would be good!

I know what you mean with the name attached to who you are fighting. I can't figure out if it's a bot I'm playing or a person but it's always helpful to know when I'm getting dragged across the hot coals of a fire by someone I know such as Asher versus some random account I don't know but may be using Asher's cards that he delegated to it for one reason or another. Granted my name isn't as popular as some but I'd like to think that some people I interact with on here in the Splinterlands community might recognize it if I get into a battle with them!

With Zaku, one of the things I've learned is that the speed is the killer! If you can get your Zaku-powered cards to get buffed up speed you have a great chance of winning. A lot of fire cards are pretty slow, which is where I lose a fair amount of battles when using Zaku. I need to eventually invest in some cards that buff the speed but competing priorities lol

I made an enhancement request the other day that I think would work great in game but totally possible in Peakmonsters as well!

That sounds decent - though I have no guild - I'm a dinosaur lonewolf...

It would be useful to be able to get more linkages between the different interfaces and experiences - maybe even a place to save and search for past battles using account names. It is essentially just a list of links with some metadata tags I guess.

Since there is a buy and sell market, I would also like to have a "history" of cards, where at least the account changes and where possible, the sale prices are listed. Wouldn't it be cool to know the player history of your favourite cards? They must all be logged somewhere.

With Zaku, one of the things I've learned is that the speed is the killer!

I have heard this and have one a few this way, but not many! I struggle to predict what cards someone will play. What is funny about the above battle is, I didn't know until after team submission it was Ash, otherwise I would have known what he would play


Sure Asher. Sure.


Actually Zaku is fairly easy to beat in the higher leagues. For example, Ash will never play Zaku against me, and I am unlikely to play Zaku against him. Because we both know how to counter Zaku.

But there is the fun part, maybe I want to play Zaku against Ash, as he doesn't expect me to play Zaku in a million years against him :) What you say to that?

Oh, and Speed is NOT the only weakness :)

I have had some success with shields and repair, as well as a monster in second and 5th that can heal. But, it always depends on who I am against I guess :)

I like the random nature of it where each puts the best team forward "blind", but i am starting to see some people more than once, and learning a little that way too.

Play Magic against Zaku :)

I played magic - just not magic enough. I also had an L4 failed summoner it seems, instead of the 10 I rented. My own summoner was a 6 though, so couldn't utilize any of the maxed legendaries. I think I still would have lost, but it would have been closer :)

I have gone the opposite way for this with my account. I like me hive account far too much to play with an alt account as i love coming up against familiar foes and sometimes even beating them.

I do have an alt account where i sent spare cards and rent them from the other account. It keeps running away with little need to interfere and then i can keep my best cards in my main account. I still rent some from the main account but it's easier to see what needs to go on the market and to keep track of it all.

Yeah I have been fortunate enough to have flipped a decent amount of gold cards, since before DEC and potions were rewards we got a lot of cards. Has allowed me to make an alt account for mostly gold foil. Granted it's maxed out at Gold 1 at the end of the season but Silver 1 during most of it, still helpful to not let the gold cards go to waste! Renting them is good but I enjoy having more rewards to flip, even if the battles are frustrating lol

That is pretty cool. The heady days of insane rewards - at least looking back. I should have taken part...

Yeah, hindsight is 20-20 sadly! I wish I did more, invested more but can't have those same regrets. Just gotta roll with it and keep on going! Think of the people who see the game now and are thinking "I should have started playing when I learned about it 6 months ago". I know we could do and have more but I'm glad with what we've got :D

I wish that i had bought more land. There was a tract that i had my eye on for 1k and was talking myself into buying it when it all sold overnight.

At least i got a few plots before the prices went crazy. Hoping for a dip to buy a few more.

Yeah lol that's a whole different ballgame. I don't have the funds for that stuff, though I did get really lucky and snapped up 1 plot. I've gotten lucky and made 4,000 Hive off selling my SPS in the beginning. Invested everything back in different areas, one of them being a plot.

I like me hive account far too much to play with an alt account as i love coming up against familiar foes and sometimes even beating them.

This is what I think too!! I don't want to have to move to alt, I want you to beat me not "bigjohnny69" (I wonder if that is available ;D )

I do have an alt account where i sent spare cards and rent them from the other account.

This is the other option, but is there a "bulk transfer" or was it a one by one process?

I never want my personal account to be played by anyone. I like them to know when they are playing against azircon, I am the one behind it

Yeah, I wouldn't let anyone near my account - ever. However, I think there is value in them knowing it is me too, since I (like others) are relatively well known. When people play against you, they probably get a bit of a kick out of winning or losing (the ones who don't play you often at least).

If SL really does take off, these top players are going to be stars, but just think when they are on other platforms - they are "unknowns" - wouldn't it be cool to carry the nick everywhere? At least on Hive it is possible - for better or worse :D

By the way, have you seen this?

Lore is getting complex. Storyline is now worth a book :)

I haven't had a chance yet - will do in an hour or so :)

You can bulk transfer on peakmonsters. Just press filter out a group that you want to send and then "shift, right click" The little box for the top of that list and, "shift, right click" on the last card that you want to send. You can do up to a few hundred at a time. There is a transfer option on the drop down menu to use for it.

Excellent post (as always) with some great topics for discussion. The whole managing of cards does get a bit complicated, and I've only been playing Splinterlands for a few months. My main concern actually comes down to taxes. I get so many different answers on how to deal with the taxes that I really hope we can get an actual direct answer with how to solve these problems. I ask professional tax accountants and they seem to give the runaround or want to charge me for their research. Makes me giggle as I don't charge for the research I do to write a blog post, do you? HAHAHA :) I guess I'll just wait until the tax folks figure it out and THEN they can tell me and charge me for the work they actually do for me. ;)

In the meantime, you've been upvoted for 1UP! :) Thanks for the enjoyable read as always!! :)

I get so many different answers on how to deal with the taxes that I really hope we can get an actual direct answer with how to solve these problems.

It is very much localized and each country and possibly in the US (each state) have different obligations. It is a mess in general though and difficult to sort out, especially across all of the different forms of potential income. In my opinion, it should come down to realized gains that touch fiat, or a goods and services tax at points of expenditure of crypto - but I don't make the laws :)

In the meantime, you've been upvoted for 1UP! :) Thanks for the enjoyable read as always!! :)

Thank you, as always too! :)

Low level summoners are probably my biggest downfall. That and the fact that I kind of suck at the strategy of the game! I hear you about there needing to be an easier way to manage it all. I like the idea of a second account that your cards are delegated to, but I also understand your hesitation to do that. Right now I have about 70% of my deck rented out and then I just hold whatever is left to get up to Gold I each season.

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Low level summoners are probably my biggest downfall.

I was hoping to get a couple maxed summoners out of the packs so far, but only got them to level 6. With half as many packs of DICE, I have most of them maxed - luckily mylor and lorna help me a lot - but not against the legendaries that much :)

This last season was the first time I played to near the end. It was fun :)

I wish I had jumped on the Dice sooner than I did. They sat there for so long untouched. I was lucky to be a little ahead of the curve on that one, but then things went crazy and everyone wanted them. Poof, they were gone!

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Yeah - i think I got in about as late as i could. I bought something like 800 packs all up and thought myself crazy! :D

Haha, you bought more than me!

At least in my experience, there is a different feeling playing with a person I am familiar with, and some random account that I don't know is a bot or not. For example, Ash posted that link into discord to gloat about how "awesome he is with Zaku" - I am surprised there isn't a series of posts on it ;D

Yeah 🙂 I don't know whether i am playing with bot or real user. i wish splinterland could restrict not allowing bots .yes , possibly i play against those might using alt account.

Bots are fine in my opinion, as it soaks up a lot of cards and creates transactions - but I like being able to play people who OI have also interacted with in some way :)

Splinterland is great, here i am on plata finaly to enjoy the game.
i love this i get a mistake for not enter in the begining but well always we make misstakes
but we hope when sps get listed on Binance kabooooooom.
Best regard.

Yeah, "better late than never" hopefully on this one!

Is there news that SPS will go to Binance?

Can we have more than one account on HIVE? It is a good idea to make the other account get curation rewards. It looks your other account babytarazkp does not follow your trail :)

I am not sure why it is not following me at the moment - could be that the VP is too low.

Yeah, you can have many accounts, but it isn't good for curation anymore. The reason i have the baby account, is that it can vote at 100% every vote and not worry about its VP, as it is there to distribute HE tokens. It does a great job :)

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Oh man, I hear you man. I hate that! I've gotten into battles that I should have absolutely not lost but for one reason or another, I got wiped out. Those things really drive me nuts! I try my best to take a breath and step back but damn is it difficult to do that lol

What was the battle?

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Hahah I know I was going to say, I remember you got muted in Leo! Sucks man LOL

I hate when you get cursed with misses! I've had those battles for sure, as well as the battles where my opponent missed me so many times that I won! Great stuff lol


I am not sure - but perhaps you can get "Splinterlands insurance"

I hate losing the games where I lose by one hot and miss.... :D