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RE: Hive: Finding A Niche

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We definitely are not returning to how things were before.

Why do you say that?

btw should've replaced Steemit with HIVE in that pic :P


Higher unemployment, social distancing, increased pace toward automation, greater surveillance....

There are many things that will be different going forward as a result of this virus.

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More reasons to use HIVE huh.

I do believe that a platform like Hive can serve to fill in against some of the issues we are going to be seeing down the road.

I think people are going to be open to newer ideas as things get worse.

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Definitely. Always takes a disaster to open people's eyes.

Yep they get very comfortable in their ways.

It is just human nature I guess. Most don't like change, especially older generations who grew up in a world that didnt change all that quickly.

The younger generations now, living through the age of digital, really only know change so they are more likely to embrace it.

They are also technologically advanced so they are a sweet spot for Web 3.0.

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older generations who grew up in a world that didnt change all that quickly

Oh I never saw it that way, it makes sense now.

this. i was just discussing this exact thing today.

Exactly ! and I don't think Akasha is working or is it? I checked that site a long time ago and it was an empty place lol

It's the first time I'm hearing about Akasha xD

Whoa! I tried that back in 2017 :)

Oh, what'd you like about it?

Nothing. It was just a place for devs and very deserted. I don't know if people really socialize at all there.

I just saw it's based on Etherium, I have no clue about these things yet. Is it this site?