Hive: Finding A Niche

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It is difficult to be all things to all people.

This is a situation that marketers often are confronted with. When looking at a branding strategy, how is one positioned? What is the target?

Often, companies do well seeking to be a small fish in a very large pond. Still others opt for a different approach, trying to be the whale in a swimming pool.

Both can be effective although they come with certain drawbacks.


As I look over the Hive ecosystem, we have many different targets. We have enough diverse projects that can truly make some headway in their particular segments.

We often talk about onboarding the masses. That is a fantastic goal and one that should be kept in the back of our minds. However, sometimes it is best to go work up the proverbial food chain.

What do I mean by this?

Presently, I am guessing we have roughly 10,000 people, give or take, who are active. In the online world, this is nothing. Of course, when it comes to blockchain, we see that this actually is a significant total. Blockchain interaction seems to be lagging a great deal.

Thus, the first key is to improve the standing from here. How is that done?

In my view, this is where putting our best features forward enter the picture. At this time, we are not trying to onboard millions. The first goal should be to double or triple our daily user base.

How an this be accomplished?

Here again, we need to look at those who fit the profile we are looking for. And what is that you ask?

I think it can be summed up this way: we seek those who are disgruntled.

Think about it for a second. Most everyone on here is upset about something. Whether one is a homesteader, homeschooler, conspiracy theorist,natural health advocate, or anti vaccine, Trump, government, the Fed, and anything else that is outside the mainstream, that fits with many on here.

What is powerful about this segment is that, while a bit of the lunatic fringe compared to the mainstream, it is a very large block of people. It is also a segment that the power brokers are trying to silence.


Fortunately, Hive has an answer to that. We have the ability to post our message, whatever that is, and not have it taken down. There is no application that can remove a post from the blockchain.

This is a very power tool in this era. Mark Zuckerberg mentioned on his earnings call yesterday how he is committed to removing all fake news from that platform. The scary thing is fake news is simply something they disagree with.

That is the point we are at now. Civilized discourse and intellectual debate are being eliminated. YouTube is deleting videos that are done by medical personnel that disagree with the World Health Organization. So questioning the state is now considered fake news.

Even the cryptocurrency community is full of people who number in the tens of millions yet gravitate towards the centralized platforms. How often do we see crypto content creators taking to Twitter railing against the YouTube ban they received? It happened on a number of occasions. Most talk about decentralization yet are under the control of Google. Certainly, we can understand they built up a following there. Nevertheless, to not realize that one's entire business can be wiped out in a matter of seconds by a simply algorithm change by either Facebook or Google is mind-boggling.

We are embarking upon a time when a lot more people are going to be hurting. A major problem with society today is that, for a fast number of people, the present system is not working for them. In fact, this recent crisis is going to be devastating to hundreds of millions globally. We definitely are not returning to how things were before.

Whether this is a good thing or not will be determined in the long run. In the meantime, we are likely to see a lot of pain. The 1% is going to come out much better when all is said and done. But what about the other 99%? Even those who were in a position of making good money may not attain that again.

Technology is going to do away with the need for a lot of human labor. Automation is coming. What is interesting is that Hive is part of one of the most powerful technologies we are seeing. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are powerful forces that are going to radically alter things over the next decade.

Word is starting to spread. While not mainstream, cryptocurrency is not nearly as ostracized, overall, as it once was. Even the FUD has died down a slight bit. Each year the Millennials achieve more power and wealth as they assume a greater part of the workforce. These are the individuals who are not going to hide from technology.


Web 3.0 is very powerful. This is something that is going to remake most aspects of society. This is our main selling point. We are involved in laying the foundation for a completely new Internet. It is something that I believe few realize.

Is it perfect yet? Of course not. There are a lot of challenges still before us. We are still doing a great deal of innovating and experimenting. Development takes time.

Nevertheless, there is a rather large niche out there today which Hive can target. We offer the opportunity for people to be able to engage in a manner which is presently being removed. This is a situation, unless Google and Facebook change their course, that is only going to get worse. This means the pool will keep growing.

In this instance, Hive simply finds a niche and watches it grow.

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We definitely are not returning to how things were before.

Why do you say that?

btw should've replaced Steemit with HIVE in that pic :P

Higher unemployment, social distancing, increased pace toward automation, greater surveillance....

There are many things that will be different going forward as a result of this virus.

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More reasons to use HIVE huh.

I do believe that a platform like Hive can serve to fill in against some of the issues we are going to be seeing down the road.

I think people are going to be open to newer ideas as things get worse.

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Definitely. Always takes a disaster to open people's eyes.

Yep they get very comfortable in their ways.

It is just human nature I guess. Most don't like change, especially older generations who grew up in a world that didnt change all that quickly.

The younger generations now, living through the age of digital, really only know change so they are more likely to embrace it.

They are also technologically advanced so they are a sweet spot for Web 3.0.

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older generations who grew up in a world that didnt change all that quickly

Oh I never saw it that way, it makes sense now.

this. i was just discussing this exact thing today.

Exactly ! and I don't think Akasha is working or is it? I checked that site a long time ago and it was an empty place lol

It's the first time I'm hearing about Akasha xD

Whoa! I tried that back in 2017 :)

Oh, what'd you like about it?

Nothing. It was just a place for devs and very deserted. I don't know if people really socialize at all there.

I just saw it's based on Etherium, I have no clue about these things yet. Is it this site?


Making a full mover over to Web 3 will present challenges, at the moment sitting with one foot in both while learning.

Image of places to find out more appreciated, some heard of others not. Moving away from centralized will come in time!

Hive should start attracting people by continued sharing across all platforms to peek interest. A permanent place to send interested people/parties would assist greatly as well.

Everything that has to do with Web 3.0 is a process.. It is something that will evolve over the next decade. There are many facets to it and we are only at the beginning stages. Blockchain is just one piece of the puzzle.

This is where Hive can be an introduction for "coming attractions". There is a lot that is going to change society over the next decade and the digital world will only grow. This is what we are a part of.

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Most definitely exciting times, new prospects!

yes, this is what we are doing....we also created a new group, Hive Marketing specfically to meet the need of doing social campaigns about Hive, but on traditional social networks like Twitter, etc.

I like the new easy login that 3speak has introduced, and I think that's a great way to encourage newbies to Hive.

I love Peakd, but I find it difficult to find posts by topic. I think a list of topics would help newbies find their niche.

Search and finding what we are seeking is still a drawback @imaginingfreedom.

Over time, hopefully it will get better.

Ease of use is of paramount importance, something all development in this industry needs to be aware of.

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More people are connected to the Internet using smartphone. Most FB users don't own a computer, they access it from smartphone. Blockchain technology.need to focus more on smartphones to accelerate faster. Make it easier to onboard them like the typical signup process.

That is very true @farizal. Mobile is desperately needed.

I am hopeful that @dapplr can step in and provide mobile users a valuable option.

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Maybe if genre-specific communities get more support they can grow into something. There is still a lot that can be done here to improve the quantity of interaction between content creators and consumers. Improved content quality and diversifying the hive economy. People should be able to earn doing different things on the blockchain. For the social side, one of the mitigating factors to the growth of the blockchain has been the signing up process and the difficulty for non-users to interact with the system. Most blogging sites have options where non-bloggers can interact with their favorite authors. If such measures are implemented we will see a drastic growth in engagement.

Gaming certainly is an arena where headway can be made. We have a couple blockchain games on here now with at least a couple more ready for release soon.

That might attract a number of users. A game that even has a few thousand users is really not much in the gaming world.

What you say about the sign up process is correct and we will just have to wait and see. Ease of use is still something that is missing in the blocckhain/crypto world.

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I also agree that our target market is disgruntled people.... this is it.