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RE: Brendan Eich Says Blockchain Is a Wrong Tool For Task and He Knows About Hive

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Brendan Eich doesn't need an introductions.

Wrong. Very much so.
I am a living proof of that.

I am a tech person.
I consider myself at least a "half geek"
I live online, maybe 70000 hours spent on internet. No kidding, that is 7+ hours or more every 365 days a year, for the last 28 years
(365 x 7 x 28= 71540) ✓

And you know what.
Until the moment I read your post I had no idea who Brendan Eich is.

Life is weird.

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Oh, I am sorry, I thought everybody knew about him. Every Javascript book starts with his story, about the naming of Javascript when there was already Java language by Sun Microsystems and Javascript fight with Jscript of Microsoft, etc. Interesting story.

Moreover, him being the co-creator of BAT and co-founder of Brave probably gave him more recognition in the crypto space as well. That's what I thought.

Regardless, he is an important figure in the internet space. That's why I think his thoughts regarding the future of social media and blockchains are interesting.

When you get a chance get on Twitter and tell him how awesome Leofinance and Hive are.

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I'm not a fan of Brave, nor BAT.
Nor am I a code writer. And far from understanding all those Java tricks. This explains it, more or less.

I'm so grateful for your post and that gem, a link on twitter. It gave me two new super interesting findings this morning, Solana and Torus.
It sure made my day.👍💥

I will ask TORUK to keep an eye on you. 😃

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