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RE: STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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First thing Marky should change the name of the tribe.
Hive shills did such a great job ridiculing steem that people get instantly repelled.

 10 months ago (edited)

STEM is a very universal name for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and has nothing to do with STEEM. When I built it on STEEM, I had some regrets with the name being similar, but on Hive that is no longer a problem.

In education (where I want to onboard a lot of users from) STEM is a household term.

but on Hive that is no longer a problem

I think that on hive words steem and steemit will be a problem for quite some time. Stem is very similar.

But hey, it was just a thought. Don't bother.

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Steem will be irrelevant in due time. To the people I will be marketing to (education, students, geeks, scientists) STEM is very familiar with them and is the clearest way to describe the community.

I feel the confusion with Steem isn't relevant to 99% of the target audience.