STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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We all saw what happened to Leofinance. Over the last few months, this community saw nice growth in terms of the numbers as well as the excitement. Many of the moves made by the development team kept feeding into the frenzy, causing excitement that we have not seen around these parts in a long time.

While Leofinance is on its way, this will not be enough to lift Hive to great heights. Layer 2 solutions are now being recognized for their power. However, it is going to take many of them replicating the early success of Leofinance to push Hive to the forefront.

Thus, we are going to need about a half dozen tribes/applications following a similar pattern. What others out there have the potential to match it?


In this article, I will throw the name STEMGeeks into the hat. It is a tribe that could have the potential to really attract a bunch of users who are dedicated, involved, and consistent.

What makes me think this has such great potential?

Loyal User Base

When it comes to loyal users, there is probably not another area that can match STEM. This is not something that most people casually engage in.

Think of it this way. How many times have you heard someone say that he was a philosophy major in school. After graduating, a job was applied for which he got. Upon completing a short training program, he became one of the researching scientists working on plasma powered rockets.

Did you ever hear this story? Of course not. People who end up in the fields of science, math, engineering, and technology do so after years of interest and study. Many engaged in these fields as "hobbies" growing up before embarking upon academic study. The degrees required also tell us how the level of commitment exists.

For a tribe, what is more desirable than a loyal userbase?

Focused Tribe

One advantage that communities have is that they are targeted and focused. Many want to compare the success of Leofinance to Hive. They are two totally different animals even though all that Leofinance does is posted to Hive.

Hive is a general pool of all posts. Whatever is done through any interface ends up there. Thus, one's feed can be a wide range of topics. In many ways this could be good yet it is a drawback when one is after particular content.

As a community is narrowed in its focus, the dedicated users can develop a tight-knit group. The topics are very clear, with little confusion of what is acceptable compared to what is not.

People who visit [ are seeking something very targeted. They simply do not want to encounter pictures of people's dinner or a poem about the sunset. Certainly there is nothing wrong with those things yet they have their place elsewhere. Stemgeeks provides a forum where targeted content can be found.

Token Circulation

One of the big things regarding tokenization is the distribution of the token. Those projects that are mindful of the value of the token stand a chance of being successful.

The STEM token has very tight circulation. At present there are less than 2 million tokens total. At the same time, as we can see below, there is a rather aggressive burn policy. This can enhance the value over time.


Very Small Community

STEMGeeks is a very small community at the moment. This might seem like a disadvantage but it is the exact opposite. In fact, this was the place that Leofinance was a year ago.

A small community enables the present members to really become the foundation for what is being built. This will allow them to help steer the path that the community takes. Of course, the fact that there are few people sharing in the token distribution will only enhance one's position. This makes each person more powerful.

This comes into play when newer people arrive. Those with stake can help the retention rate through their actions. With a focused market such as STEM, this can carry even greater meaning as topics that are rather advanced can come up. Those with expertise and stake can really help propel things forward.

Another advantage to a small community is growth rates can add up very quickly. It is hard for Facebook to double its user base. However, something like STEMGeeks can add 100% each month for a number of months.

As Leofinance proved, a few hundreds active, dedicated users can really make a difference and create quite a stir. STEMGeeks could follow this same path.


There is a lot of discussion on Hive about how it offers resistance to censorship.

This is becoming a bigger problem in the scientific community. It seems that only politically accepted points of view are allowed discussion. Here we see a true problem for science since this field depends heavily upon debate for forward progress. It is through disagreement, new hypothesis, and experimentation that we arrive at breakthroughs.

We are not seeing this today. There is too much of "the science is settled" turning science into a religion. Science abhors group think yet that is exactly what we have.

For this reason, a site like STEMGeeks is required. Here is a place where anyone can post their research or theories. Open debate can take place whereby both sides can be analyzed. This is the foundation of scientific thought.

Expanding Market

As a follower of technology, I can tell you it is taking on a more important role in people's lives. Thus, it is vital that people start to pay attention to what is taking place, at least in the general sense.

Many fear the future because they are woefully unaware of what is happening. For example, we heard that quantum computing is going to make cryptocurrency obsolete simply because the encryption is broken. Some have even used that idea as a reason NOT to get involved in cryptocurrency.

Here is where we see a lack of understanding coming into play. Quantum computing is not just around the corner. It is going to take a long time before we have anything resembling a classical computer but in quantum. Even when discoveries are made in that field that can advance it forward, it will take more than a decade before we see a suite of usable applications developed.

In other words, do not expect to Santa to deliver a quantum computer this year.

There are many people who write and vlog about different technologies. These people do not get very technical but, rather, deal with stuff from the 5,000 foot level. This is an enormous market since average individuals should start paying attention to this stuff.

Either way, as technology becomes a larger part of our lives, the target market for a STEMGeeks will grow. This could serve it well over the next half decade as more people become aware of this fact.

It might be time to turn out attention towards STEMGeeks. There obviously needs some development to take place but the potential is there. With some advancement, this community could quickly move up the ranks and garner a great deal of attention.

As shown, the target market already exists, is expanding, and is extremely dedicated.

In my mind, this is the foundation for what could be a very successful community.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the post about STEMGeeks.

I really think STEMGeeks has the strongest tokenomics out of all the tribes with only 7.52% inflation, massive burning (currently over 30% of weekly rewards), and only ~815K STEM tokens created yearly.

Compare these numbers to other tribes with 18-19% inflation and around ~2,000,000 tokens created yearly.

Next year the inflation will drop 0.8% reducing ongoing supply significantly.

When I set the tribe up, I wanted to prevent massive amounts of tokens being thrown everywhere. I also wanted to keep the community strongly moderated so tokens go to legitimate authors and not spammers and shoehorn posts.

I want to be clear about our moderation though, STEMGeeks is not a strict community, you don't have to be a journalist or academic professor to contribute, we welcome hobbyists and amateurs, we just want content on topic with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We are also a different community from STEMSocial and have different goals.

I recently wrote a post showing how well curators are doing on STEMGeeks, I knew it would be high but even I was blown away.

There is considering switching to linear curation which will reduce the high end but will likely bring the majority of the community up. I still feel with linear curation most people will be making more than Hive and most any other community due to the focused nature of the community.

I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the community or token. Feel free to hit me up here, Discord, or Keybase.

I am also working on the second STEMGeeks Hackathon, the first one raised over $4,000 USD worth of Hive and I plan go bigger this time around. I also plan to expand the reach far outside of Hive.

This sounds great! I'm not an expert on the STEMs topic but I can definitely contribute and make posts about it. I will keep reading about this tribe and join as soon as I can. Thank you for the info and the hard work Marky!

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I looked into STEM.. but quickly realized I didn't have the knowledge or IQ to post there.. I like WEED as the next LEO..

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WEED does have that super cool store.

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Synthetic weed is a topic that would be applicable to both WEED and STEMGeeks.

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People who smoke ACTUAL weed don't mess around with Spice or K2.. or other synthetics.. at least none of the smokers I know do. Synthetic weed is normally used by people on probation or parole..

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WEED is an absolutely great community. :D Very underrated, sadly.

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 2 years ago 

Sure you do, got a gadget you love that changed your life?
Upgrading your PC?
Want to upgrade your pc and just share your ideas?

You don't have to be a professor, hobbyists and amateurs are more than welcome.

Do vapes count?😁

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 2 years ago 

I wouldn't consider vape a technology, no.

I definitely think of my Pax 4 vape as technology.

Advanced technology! Truth is, it's in the same ballpark as a Ledger Nano X wallet.


That is some beautiful technology.

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The closest I come to any kind of intellectual interaction is when I'm installing a solar system..

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Your current Rank (1) in the Hive-Engine Token Shill Charts has granted you an Upvote of 65%.

Jokes aside, I would say that STEM has the strongest tokenomics of all the HE tokens, is well moderated, and a good piece of content will usually be rewarded by all large stakeholders.

I agree. I am about to cross over 6,000 STEM and just recently started to curate on there out of a dedicated account.

I think it has a strong foundation and the large stakeholders appear to be acting in the best interest of the platform. That is vital.

It will require growth since all the tokeneconomics in the world isnt worth much if the platform is stagnant. That said, I believe it is a very valuable target market, one that could really push STEMGeeks to great heights.

I will be curious to see if a road map is released any time soon.

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 2 years ago 

I don't have an official roadmap, but I have some plans I am working on. Right now the Second STEMGeeks/Hive Hackathon is my primary focus along with making changes to to support better onboarding.

I'm not surprised if it hits parity with hive next year!

First thing Marky should change the name of the tribe.
Hive shills did such a great job ridiculing steem that people get instantly repelled.

 2 years ago (edited)

STEM is a very universal name for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and has nothing to do with STEEM. When I built it on STEEM, I had some regrets with the name being similar, but on Hive that is no longer a problem.

In education (where I want to onboard a lot of users from) STEM is a household term.

but on Hive that is no longer a problem

I think that on hive words steem and steemit will be a problem for quite some time. Stem is very similar.

But hey, it was just a thought. Don't bother.

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 2 years ago 

Steem will be irrelevant in due time. To the people I will be marketing to (education, students, geeks, scientists) STEM is very familiar with them and is the clearest way to describe the community.

I feel the confusion with Steem isn't relevant to 99% of the target audience.

A very interesting project, a bit of a niche involving users who have a passion for science.

Unfortunately, I am unable to contribute to the STEM community by posting related posts or participating in contests. But the beauty of Hive is also this: the variety of contents covered :)

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 2 years ago 

You got a gadget around the house you love? Talk about how it changed your life, that's perfect for T (Technology).

Thanks for your answer, my Android LED TV is what I love most in the house :D

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Maybe drop a post on about it.

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sure ;)

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There are a ton of scientific clubs, institutions, societies (and so on) out there that have the following things in common. They produce content in terms of regular publications, opinions, discussions (and so on) and they are constantly underfunded searching for money just to run the daily living costs. This is kind of a no-brainer imho... However, they have to be convinced to join.

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Absolutely they do. That is the real challenge. We can put together a lot of great things on here but if nobody is attracted to them, then we have an issue of just basically talking to ourselves.

That is the key. As Marky stated in some of his comments on here, he is looking to target academia and professional journalists in this area. That makes a lot of sense.

Of course, the fact it isnt a requirement does help too.

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Upvoted for grabbing some curation rewards, but I don´t agree content-wise.
Your points are in principle very true (small, focused, loyal community and censorship is indeed a problem in science as well), but the tribe is too focused and narrow-minded. Being a scientist by education I was contributing by myself regularly to it, but was once flagged and even blacklisted for writing a lengthy overview post (here) on a specific topic. Also they are very strict in using pics and quotations - if you don´t quote well enough (what kind of CC-licencse, etc) they kick you out. Since then I post only with #science and avoid the #stem tag. Maybe I went a bit personal, but apparently they purposefully decide to be rather small and "elite" than lower their standards and opening up to a wider group. Unless they change their habit, this tribe will stay the niche of a niche.

It sucks that happened and certainly the behavior of some can ruin a community very quickly, especially when it is small.

Your experience seems to go counter to what they need, without a doubt. Obviously, I cant speak to your situation nor doubt your claims, but was it one person or the community. Unfortunately, with moderators, one bad power driven apple can cause a lot of damage.

Thanks for the upvote and comment while sharing your experience.

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 2 years ago 

See my direct response above, he was flagged and blacklisted by StemSocial, not STEMGeeks. We are not the same community and have very different rules.

As long as you are on topics, all skill levels are welcome from hobbyist to professional.

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 2 years ago (edited)

You were never flagged or blacklisted by STEMGeeks. We are not STEMSocial (used to be SteemStem), they do things very differently. That is a big reason why I built STEMGeeks. It is far more casual and amateur friendly. We are a very different community and are the only STEM Tribe.

The post you reference would be more than welcomed in STEMGeeks.

I hate seeing this, as many people feel the same way but they are talking about STEMSocial (used to be SteemSTEM), STEMGeeks has no affiliation with them, and we have our own project that was built to include more people and not have the demands for journalist/scientist level publications.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I was not aware. But who owns then the #stem tag? The Steemstem people warned me if I ever dare to use the #stem tag again. Shall I use #stemgeeks instead to land in the Stemgeeks frontend listed or do I need to write inside this frontend (which I avoid as its editor is inferior to the one of peakd)?

And both tribes use the same token?

 2 years ago (edited)

But who owns then the #stem tag?

No one owns any tag.

STEMGeeks listens to #stem, #science, #technology, #engineering, #math, and the meta tag #stemgeeks and index them into the tribe but no one owns any of those tags, not even STEMGeeks.

And both tribes use the same token?

I don't believe they have a token.

STEMGeeks is the only distribution for STEM token. I believe StemSocial is a community but not a tribe.

OK, many thanks!

We're taking it seriously, our curation account is up and running, using our stake to curate :)
I guess slowly we're going to see a natural selection among tribes. Some will disappear while other will get stronger. Natural selection I guess.

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I guess slowly we're going to see a natural selection among tribes. Some will disappear while other will get stronger.

The ones where effort is put in and people actually do the work, will get stronger.

Too many tribes, in my opinion, simply got started and did nothing. They still are exactly the same as when they started. Few focused on actively seeking growth.

I hope that STEMGeeks starts to look in this direction. Maybe this post will guide a couple people towards that platform and get them started.

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I hope that STEMGeeks starts to look in this direction. Maybe this post will guide a couple people towards that platform and get them started.

I have my eye on it for some time, just have to find the time and balance things. Setting up the curation account is a step forward though.

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That is what I did. Started to curate out of an account and used the front end to put a couple of posts up.

Yes time is difficult to find but supporting this project makes a lot of sense to me. The potential is enormous.

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I Know about stem community and have staked as mush as I can and I'm waiting for it to become like leofinance and grows with success

It is going to take work but we can start the process now by shedding light on it. This is one thing that starts the process.

Maybe a few more people will start posting on there to increase the user base 10%-20%. Any growth is helpful.

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I'll be supporting it from after I'm relatively not a stem writer so erhmm I'll leave it to the gurus, but then stemgeeks have my maximum support and I see it's totally decent too

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That is true. Most of us are not traditional STEM writers. However, just in interacting with you, you do have an understanding of technology. That is equally as applicable.

Discussing technological subjects in ways that average people can understand is very valuable. It is no longer just a techy game.

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 2 years ago 

You don't have to be a natural STEM writer, I welcome all types of content as simple as talking about your favorite gadgets and amateur opinions of science and technology.

While I'd love to have professors and journalists come on to STEMGeeks, it isn't a requirement.

Yeah most of us definitely are not natural STEM writers. I decided not to dive in talking tech too because I feel bit might be below par and not up to a quality standard, but one thing I'll do is to get into STEM, engage and become a least a minute part of it.

I find it best to avoid the too technical stuff. At that level, I get into trouble.

If I deal with the more everyday stuff people can understand, written so a middle school kid could understand, I find myself doing better with it.

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 2 years ago 

I love when people write posts about their favorite gadgets. Don't need to be technical to talk about how a new Juicer changed your life or how you love the new iPhone 12.

Does her review belong on STEMGeeks or DPorn?


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 2 years ago 

Could potentially be both. Probably get more views on STEMGeeks.

Yeah DPorn as the most popular market on the Internet yet have no traction.

Sad to see what happen, or rather didnt happen, with that project.

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I have posted a couple of things that have been noticed by the STEM community in the past. I think I have some tokens. I would have to go back and look though. It would be cool if a community like that were to get pretty big on the chain. I feel like we need some more variety than just crypto people writing about crypto.

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How many times have you heard someone say that he was a philosophy major in school.

Ha, better than "communications" I guess :D

STEMgeeks is something I've seen around but never looked at.
Thanks for writing about it.

Communities like STEMgeeks will be super important going forward. Can you imagine a worldwide network that might compete with the likes of Big Pharma or Big Tech? The next decade is going to redefine the "Roaring Twenties".

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The next decade is going to redefine the "Roaring Twenties".

An interesting statement that I never thought.

But you are correct, we are in the 20s and we have the opportunity to make it roaring. Bitcoin appears to be doing its part. We will need to make dozens of communities that can compete with those entities that are strangling humanity.

I really do hope STEMGeeks takes off.

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Towards the second half of the decade when covid has been eradicated or normalized, people will be out and ready to party and it will be AMAZING and very roaring like.

Or, LEO can roar in the 20's and we can all celebrate.

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I was thinking about spending some time in there. I'm an engineer and might be able to keep up. But I have a friend who is a high school math teacher that I was thinking I should tell about it. She NEEDS some more money and this might be something she would be interested in.

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Without a doubt. It is rather sparsely filled out the moment and there are a few holders of large amounts of tokens. This makes their curation extremely profitable. They are looking for good content.

Might be a way to help that community forward. As we see in Marky's post, the tokeneconomics is very aggressive. What they need most is growth.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Can I just get there via LeoFinance or do they have their own front end?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta is their front end.

You can use Leofinance although it might drift outside of Leo's realm depending upon what you are writing about.

Plus, Stemgeeks has a stiff "tax" for posting from other interfaces, 50% of STEM author rewards. Thus, it is far more profitable to use the Stemgeeks interface. If the article does apply to leofinance, just use that tag in your post from stemgeeks.

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Thus, we are going to need about a half dozen tribes/applications following a similar pattern. What others out there have the potential to match it?

Yes we need more awesome tribes like leofinance. And i am really excited for STEMGeeks. Cheers !

 2 years ago 

I keep saying this over and over, we need 100 Leos!

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Mwah we need it, but when it's not profitable to have it and a serious time & money investment is needed..

I think we should make it more interesting to start a community.

 2 years ago 

Start a community because you are passionate about it, not because you want to make money. I mostly spend money on STEMGeeks, there is really no revenue source.

Exactly and that that is ok. If hive wants to see many side chains in this form than it needs to be profitable or free to start.

Investment requires a return imo. If not it has to grow slow & organic

I wouldn't contribute to the community directly, I would rather just curate as an alternative.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 31 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

The more you know the more you earn, picking up more and more.

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They are the next big thing
The next tribe with huge potential just as you said

Thumb up doble 1.jpg

Don't let the cat out of the bag just yet, task. I haven't finished accumulating.

I'm enjoying your posts over there by the way. Keep up the great work.

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i used to write a lot, for steemstem scientific related posts. Although those post could take way more time than my usual ones it was really amazing. I learned new things, i could add a little bit with my existing knowledge to help other learn. I will definitely start posting again there, i was completely unaware of this community existence!

Knowledge is power isn't what they say? :P

Although I am not really a STEM writer, I am totally in alignment with your assessment that STEMGeeks has the "raw materials" to become another LeoFinance. The points you make are spot-on, including the very conservative token issuance policy.

For me, this would be more of an "invest and watch" proposition, although I do write quite a bit on the "softer" sciences like Psychology and Health. But I'm not 100% clear of where @themarkymark draws the line as far as "on topic" goes... and I totally appreciate a strict policy on appropriateness of content.

what are your top 3? have you done a post on this yet?

Interesting..., I have been taking more notice of the tribes lately. They all seem to be pushing up (except JAHM). Have you looked on steem.engine lately, it's like a ghost town.

Thanks for informing us! I'm now really interested in checking the place out!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thank you for the information I will make a post soon that involves these two communities, LeoFinance and STEMGeeks.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is a community with great potential. It does seem very similar to LeoFinance some time ago. I'm an author of STEM content, and even that I post everything on STEMsocial (another community with it's own dApp), STEMgeeks also supports that content and brings the possibillity to earn STEM tokens at the same time as STEMsocial provides Hive curation.

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@dalz made a cool post rankig Hive-Egine Tribes. #STEM raked well considering it's a super small niche community. As you say there's tons of issues with ideology driven science and we can provide that platform for scientists and researchers.

You can skip the last 2 clips. They are more detailed podcast interviews. But give others a read. In fact we should get these people to post on STEMGeeks!

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 2 years ago Reveal Comment