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RE: One at a time, please

in LeoFinance2 years ago

Exactly.... look what the $zil twitter campaigns did for $zil .... #HIVE should be all over Twitter. .... just type on a tweet and you get a very nice link. #hive should be the #1 trending on Twitter every day.


Yes, but that link heads back to the front page - which is good for signup but it kind of leaves a potential user fending for themselves to get started. What I have noticed over the years is where a person begins their journey can have a large impact on the path they take.

Yess! I initially imitated posts since I had no idea how to blog, now it's weird to remember how alien blogging felt before. Anyways it took some time till I stopped worrying about exactly what and how I post but to follow the instinct and more natural posts. I was lucky the first impressions I got were awesome art posts mostly curated by Curie :) and I got feedback from those close to me.

Imagine if you got invited into Hive by a shitposting plagiarist who showed you how to use Hive as they do - would you still be here?

What link should we use ? And I will use that link... people need to know where to go.

I am not sure - which is why I gave my own - from there they can navigate to the front page anyway. My thinking is at least this way, the first thing they see isn't spam :) Because they won't be logged in, they will get sent to the frontpage of the blog once they go to a mainpage?

Ok.... I will try that. Maybe I will do a a very simple write up for someone just learning about Cryptocurrency and the idea that they could be earning a little $$$ from their original content versus sharing on Instagram, Facebook etc ....

Yeah, why not. As long as it isn't spammy and just dropped everywhere, it might be okay. I prefer it when there is some kind of opening before someone drops me a link - I don't like junkmail either :D

Yeah. Maybe better not to provide any links at all.

Someone should create a very simple and easy to understand Start Page for someone to understand Hive .... it’s confusing.... so many options.