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RE: Introducing Poshbot!

in LeoFinancelast year

It's a great project and one that should really increase our exposure on other sites with the right motivation.

However without having ad revenue on interfaces like peakd and we are really wasting any attention that we manage to bring back to the site through content creation when it could be used to generate more funds for buying hive from the markets and increasing the price and volume of the token.

That could then be burned, added to the DAO or even payed back to the authors who generated the most traffic with the right tools in place which would then further incentivize people to post here, increase the quality of their content and also to advertise it on other sites to increase it's viability.

Something worth thinking about for those witness discussions and growing out the platform going forward.
Leofinance have put a great road map in place for how to do it but the traffic here would generate significantly more income and create larger recurring buys. There is no better marketing tool than the price of hive steadily rising and having a strong business plan to keep it going that way. It's what investors look at.

 last year 

I'd love to see full BAT integration, where rewards support authors that get the attention and has BAT tipping, similar to Twitter and Reddit. That requires working with the Brave team directly though and not something you can implement on your own.

That is something I have talked about in the past as well. It would be great to have hive accounts registered as creators and have full BAT integration for our accounts. Maybe something to work on for the future.

In the meantime would there be any solutions we could implement on the hive side to utalize out content right now? Simple fixes that would add a lot of value to the token in the short term.