Introducing Poshbot!

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@poshbot is a small project I have been wanting to do for a while. @poshbot monitors Twitter for Hive content and leave a comment on the author's post. You do not need to use any special tags or do anything else.

This project wouldn't be possible without the help of @quochuy, @asgarth, @eonwarped to add rich embed support for Twitter links on, Peakd, and Nitrous.

@poshbot saves users time by not needing to grab Twitter links and leave comments on their posts or use special tags to be picked up. More importantly, authors will automatically receive real-time updates if someone else posts their content.

Proof of Sharing is a great project that encourages users to use Twitter and other social media platforms to share Hive content to new audiences. This potentially helps you get more traffic and engagement while increasing Hive's presence on the web.

Not a lot of users are aware of the new rich Twitter embeds and they don't always take advantage of it. Now you don't even have to worry about it at all, just create awesome content, share it on Twitter and other social media platforms and repeat.

@poshbot is a work in progress and will be fine tuned over time if it runs into issues. If you run into problems or have suggestions, please let me know.

In just the first half hour, @poshbot has already picked up 8 Tweets and left a link to the original Tweet on the author's post.

@poshbot will monitor Twitter for content on the following front ends.

  • Peakd
  • Ecency
  • LeoFinance
  • STEMGeeks

The bot may be up and down today as I work on tweaks and optimize the code base.

Get your POSH on with half the effort!

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Noticed the rich embed of tweets on my last post, so cool!

Lovely little bot Marky, thanks for making it!

What?!? Omg automation is 😍 what i live for! Lol this will allow me to dont have to use twitter that much!

I already use with a custom applet using our rss feed to post to twitter every single thing i do in my blog and now i wont need to go grab the link to leave it in my posts cause your bot will do that? 🥳🤗

All i ever need to do is just use the link to my post in a tweet and the bot will pick up that?

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It will find any Hive post put on Twitter and link it even if it wasn't you that shared it.

Thank you so much for the work!!! This is awesome!

Awesome. I just shared someone's post on Twitter and replied with the link under the person's post, only to read this article after. This is much needed and a thoughtful innovation.

It's a great project and one that should really increase our exposure on other sites with the right motivation.

However without having ad revenue on interfaces like peakd and we are really wasting any attention that we manage to bring back to the site through content creation when it could be used to generate more funds for buying hive from the markets and increasing the price and volume of the token.

That could then be burned, added to the DAO or even payed back to the authors who generated the most traffic with the right tools in place which would then further incentivize people to post here, increase the quality of their content and also to advertise it on other sites to increase it's viability.

Something worth thinking about for those witness discussions and growing out the platform going forward.
Leofinance have put a great road map in place for how to do it but the traffic here would generate significantly more income and create larger recurring buys. There is no better marketing tool than the price of hive steadily rising and having a strong business plan to keep it going that way. It's what investors look at.

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I'd love to see full BAT integration, where rewards support authors that get the attention and has BAT tipping, similar to Twitter and Reddit. That requires working with the Brave team directly though and not something you can implement on your own.

That is something I have talked about in the past as well. It would be great to have hive accounts registered as creators and have full BAT integration for our accounts. Maybe something to work on for the future.

In the meantime would there be any solutions we could implement on the hive side to utalize out content right now? Simple fixes that would add a lot of value to the token in the short term.

Ha! Really smart idea and hats off to everyone involved in this. Btw @acidyo how does one receive posh tokens? I’ve seen some mentions here and there but I am not really sure how to do it right.

Again. Good job Marky

Be careful.
I asked that and he muted me.
"Pessimistic troll" because I didn't praise a phantom token.

There's a registration thingy that you can do through following the steps here :

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It's a bit half-done right now, good news is registration works and tokens are being distributed. Some other more important Hive work came in the way for the dev so poshtoken will be finalized a bit later and hopefully by then we can also look at creating a real token of it, airdropping it to everyone who's earned so far and offering people a market to sell or buy more if they want. Distribution usually works best without financial incentive early on to avoid abuse so we're not in a big rush, the important thing is that people still posh anyway. :)

You see..

"The important thing is people are working hard for a phantom token now and if we can be fucked, we'll make it real later on.. but likely not since other shit is more important" - @acidyo

Testing Testing 1,2,3 .... I tried tweeting a few ... where do the Comments appear ? Hive or Twitter ?

 2 years ago 

Hive on the post reference.

It worked the second time .... Thanks

Awesome idea, @themarkymark - especially getting the #poshbot comments on your posts when someone else shares it on Twitter! That's a wicked handy thing, especially with how hard it is sometimes to match up Hive people with their Twitter profiles, so they don't get tagged & aren't aware their content has been shared.

At any rate, I gave it a shot about a half hour ago, but haven't seen a comment from the bot yet, so I figured you'd want to know (hope I didn't jinx it with the "assuming this works" comment... 😂 ) -

 2 years ago 

I'll check why this happened. Could have been when I was working on the bot.

YAY! Postbot dropped the link on my post a few hours ago - thanks again!

However, I have a new issue - after I got the postbot comment, I figured it was back online & tweeted out about @jeanlucsr's post (link below). I still don't see a message from the bot showing up under his post.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a factor or not, but I'm creating the tweets on Twitter, not by using the share function here on Hive. I doubt that has anything to do with it, but thought it couldn't hurt to mention.

Thanks again - this is a cool addition to #HiveTwitter. 😎

 2 years ago 

I'll look into why it isn't being picked up. I am making some tweaks throughout the day as I see things that slip through.

Coolness - thanks! 😊

This'll be great in combination with poshtoken as well, letting authors know someone has shared their post on twitter so they can quickly like and retweet it.

Nicely done. Easier integration with Twitter can only further the cause.

Thank you!

I'm seeing lots of Hive content posted on the Twtrs. Hope it picks us up more recruits. This bot sounds useful. Should it pick up 3speak links too?

Helpful tool to move content around, thanks @quochuy, @asgarth, @eonwarped and @themarkymark actually found the post on Twitter ironically!

@tipu curate

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It will help users who share their contents in Twitter. It is really a great project. Thanks.

That's really good idea! Thank you for this :)

Maybe I'm just not comprehending what you are saying because it's before the morning coffee, but....

I don't have to use #POSH in either my twitter or HIVE post? Simply tweet about my blog and the link to my blogpost on twitter and the @poshbot does the rest?

 2 years ago (edited)

Correct, it will pick up the Tweet and comment on the post you tweeted about automatically.

Keep in mind, other services like PoshToken and curation may require #posh tag. My bot just doesn't.

It worked for me today and its such an awesome bot. Impressive bot..

Its really helpful! I had already used the tag and posted the link to my tweet when I realized @poshbot beat me to it. Now I don't have to stress anymore. Thank you!

Now I know what the bot really does. On Hive you don't need a specific tag, but on Twitter?

 2 years ago 

No tags needed on either.


Ah yes, I ran into it earlier. Nice idea to know when the post got shared on Twitter.

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I like this one

te quedo muy bueno mi amigo!!

Hi! So all you need to do is use the tags #hive and #posh on the twitter post?
I will try it out tomorrow, because today I used the #posh only on hive and not on twitter.
This is a brilliant execution of a great idea :)Well done!

 2 years ago 

You don't need to use any tags for @poshbot.

This saves us valuable time that can be used for other tasks, we needed it! Thank you @themarkymark.

It seems to me an excellent idea, especially considering that Twitter is becoming one of the social networks in which HIVE is making a stronger footing.

Greetings and good luck with the project @themarkymark

I would like to read a comment from the @poshbit in my next post. A good project.

Great effort and much needed tool!

I love this initiative. Thanks for the effort.

This is awesome! I tried doing this and it didn't work. Is there a step I may be missing?

 2 years ago 

You used a link for but I am not monitoring all tribe links, only LEO and STEMGeeks right now.

Ok awesome and I think I figured out what I didn't do on my end as well. I will try it next time! Thanks for your help :)

Can you set up monitoring of the HIVE URL shortener? ( It's a good service and it saves a couple of characters on Twitter :)

 2 years ago 

I do plan on adding that as well. Thanks for the reminder.

Good to hear that! Thanks in advance!

I must say a big weldone to you. More grease to your elbow.

The bot surprised me today. I think it's great!🌟

Excellent work , today I shared my publication in Twitter and in a few moments appeared poshbot in my comments 👍

Extremely useful, nice one.

Interesting service. I will give it a try. It would be great to auto-tweet from Hive too.

Great news, especially for those who lose information because of the language, an incredible improvement in the platform, thank you.


Cool project actually!

Omg, amazing, thanks.

Great news, I was waiting for the announce since I read the post of acidyo. Thank you very much for your efforts guys 😁

Thank you for making this great tool. It will help us further promote on our Hive Marketing on Twitter. I appreciate your hard work for doing this

Wow I love this technology kudos to @themarkymark
Its a great innovation

I got a real surprise last night on my post that I shared on twitter.
Instead of doing the usual post, share to twitter, copy twitter link, place link in post comments etcetera, my twitter link appear on auto in my post without me having to do a thing.

What a great surprise and this #poshbot is indeed a real time saver !

Congratulations are in order here to @themarkymark and his team.

Excellent Project @themarkymark ! An Idea Made Reality! My suggestion: if it is possible to visualize the amount of Reward that each Post receives from the social network Twitter, I feel that it is an idea to attract and convince more users @hive


It's nice to see that comment in a twiter post, even thought it is a bot!

Why @poshbot don't monitor Activity on Dapplr?

 2 years ago 

Dapper has no front end.

Ok. Thanks for answer me!

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I delegated some HP to the @poshbot pot.

 2 years ago 

Thanks, I was keeping an eye on the RCs as it uses a bit to keep up.

I figured as much. And with my STEEM-to-HIVE trades, I can spare a fair bit now.

personally i love this bot the most

Yeah!! Great, I was asking myself what it was...😂😂😂
Thanks buddies!!🔝💪🔥

So you are responsable about that beautyfull thing?

Nice done!

 2 years ago 

Yes, I've been wanting to do it for a while but wasn't until rich Twitter embeds got implemented I put it together.

Apps like that opens the door of many kind of interactions between both networks. I was talking to a usser about an idea who pops meanwhile reading this.

An author can assign a "pool" to reward shares on twitter of other users, "hive tips" is a good method to do so and its already working

Thanks for the explanation!

I Love @poshbot. Very convenient!

I think your idea is brilliant and works really well. However how do I stop your bot from reposting my Tweets?

I sometimes share from PeakD to Twitter but your bot pushed the Twitter post back to my original post in the reply. Does not look good and I have been told that when someone tries to retweet said post it pushes back again to my original post on PeakD, can you imagine my blog if my Twitter post was retweeted hundreds of times, yikes.

I'm all for automation etc but not when for one it does things you don't want doing and also it was not asked for. If you could refine it to recognise when a post has already been posted and not to share it again then you might have the next generation development in you hands. Also I think you should ask people if they want to try your products before hand, just out of courtesy.

 2 years ago 

It does not post on retweets.

Sorry, maybe colleague gave me the wrong information. Moving forward I am one for sharing etc but maybe you could have the bot programmed to not send the post back to the original post. That would be more ideal to me but guess it's personal preference, some people might like seeing a reply to their own post with their own post but I just don't get it. Perhaps its the database management side of me that does not put the same data in twice 🙂

Despite difference of opinions of what you should or should not do I wish you all the best with your venture.

 2 years ago 

The comment isn't for you, it is for others. Unless it is when someone else shares your post then it helps you be aware of that.

Nice project. Any idea what is up with hiding the bots comments and listing the reputation as 0 ?


 2 years ago 

Rep has been disabled on most of the nodes as it has been performing poorly. There is an updated algorithm to be released that should resolve the performance issue and then it will be re-enabled.


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Cause it is no longer active and when it was it was taking Twitter to Hive not reverse.