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RE: Betting Against Technology

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I agree with everything up until the part about making alot of money. I think what technology is doing is making most goods and tech and tools cheaper and cheaper. So i think tech is slowly surely going to move us away from the get rich on wallstreet big capitalist mindset of the 20th century.

I think we're going to move more into an overall economic prosperity system that is affordable for all because everything will be so cheap. So when most things are readily available and affordable. what happens? money matters less. This movement in consciousness driven on by technology is really where we headed.

It's similar to being once depended on human slave labor. Then everyone now has a roomba or a robotic vaccuum cleaner and you no longer need the slave to sweep the floor. It's just not important everyone can afford a roomba.

What saddens me is not just that they can't see that technology wins out. They can't see that technology can set us free. The only thing most here can aspire to is making more money and miss out on this revolution of freedom. It really speaks to the surface level of thinking it's almost animalistic what we do. I consider it backwards, barbaric and without civilization.

It is a missed opportunity and it's not what the 21st century will be about. I don't think people quite get it. This century of technology is the last century of human creation. it really is to ignore that is not only futile but you really gotta be a person of low intellect not to see it. That's not an insult that's probably just a fact to these people. Now the experts say universal basic income has to play into this. How could it not? It's all still going to shape up into some form of it. It's like playing a chess game and you know how the chess game ends but everyone just still going through the motion playing the chess game. I know this i was taught by the state champion of Virginia to play chess. So i know the thought process of futility. I know when i see it and when people do it.

I know when the guy is wiling to dump toxic waste in his backyard and his children's playground in the name of capitalism to save himself $10k in dumping cost. I know that backwards type thinking and its as prevalent here as out there. However crypto has an edge. It has at its wings the dawn of the new world that will inspire the big changes. Like " Andrew Yang" said ubi through the blockchain is the way forward". You see UBI is more than a bandage idea it's a cultural and psychological change in perfecting mankind people don't fully get it yet but they will in the 21st century and the backwards people will have no choice but to come along. It's just inevitable you don't have to look far to grasp it or understand it. Technology and all of these things are interwoven together you can't have one without the other.

So no people it won't be make alot of .. make alot of money .. make alot more money than my neighbors in teh future. No no no.. everything will be so cheap.. 3d printers people at home printing everything they need. robots driverless autonomous solar powereds satellite controlled whatever. This is the beginning of the end of any capitalistic 20th century thinking. It's dying and has been for a long long time. No level of greed or false sense or ideas of freedom can stop it or change it. The spaceship has left the station.

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