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RE: The Changing Nature Of Work

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This is one of my favorite topics. My parents, until they both retired went somewhere to an office to work. My Dad still asks me about when I have to get to work even though I work for myself on the computer. Difficult for him to get his head around the fact that I can do what I need to do any time. He's always concerned about me taking time to take him to his appointments because I am missing work. I don't miss those days at all. I can say with out fear of contradiction that I wouldn't EVER want to go back to an office to work. It saves alot of money too!


I can understand where you are coming from. The idea of having to "go to work" is dreary. Obviously, in an economic system based upon scarcity, it is unavoidable. However, there are other options forming.

The Remote Work movement is really shifting things quickly. We are only going to see more things tied to that.

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Yes, @taskmaster4450le! I am looking forward to seeing more of how the Remote Work movement is changing things. I know that there will be way more happy pets having their owners at home. 😀

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