The Changing Nature Of Work

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We appears to be reaching a crossroads. Many are alluding to the great uncertainty that is before us regarding jobs. Some are speculating that hundreds of millions of jobs will be obsolete in the next 10 years. This is causing a lot of anxiety at every level.


Nevertheless, this is something that we have to take a larger look at. Many refuse to acknowledge change as it is starting to happen. Instead, they want to retain the same system.

Unfortunately, this is not how things work. Paradigm shifts regularly take place within societies and this looks like one of those times.

Past Job Transitions

Imagine for a second if we fought the transitions of the past. There were a number of time in the last 150 where the workforce looked dramatically different as compared to today.

Back in the 1800s, most of the workforce was in agriculture. In the United States, as an example, over 90% were occupied in that area. Of course, as industrialization took hold, this started to shift.

What would have happened if we saw the transition and started to write laws that banned moving from ag to industrial? Perhaps they could have mad it so that agriculture jobs had to paid more? Maybe they should have tried to create more ag jobs just so people could work there?

This sounds a bit absurd but that is really what we are trying to do today. In fact, as mentioned in the past, this is a trend that took place over the last 20 years. We created a lot of low-end jobs simply because we refuse to embrace the fact things are changing rapidly.

Of course, industrialization took place and it was a major economic boom for the world. That does not mean it was without problems, especially early on. Labor issues were common and things got violent. Child labor was something that has to be legislated out. Nevertheless, the era that took place changed the face of society.

Then we had another shift. This was from the factory to the office. The collars shifted from blue to white. Move people migrated to urban areas which left the plants behind. Over the decades, the employment numbers shifted.

We also saw the blue collar ranks in developed countries get decimated by the combination of globalization and automation. This cost many their jobs and economically devastated cities and towns.

Therefore, what we are seeing is nothing new. Over the past 150 year, we saw a transition every 30-40 years. In other words, we are right on schedule.

The Death of the Job (as we know it)

There are some who are already starting to question if this is the path we are on. An article on Vox outlines how the pandemic followed by the "great resignation" is showing how things are changing.

Let us be clear: most jobs suck.

This is consistently repeated by surveys throughout the developed world. They all tend to come in greater than 70% of those questioned dissatisfied with what they are doing. With such a large number, it shows the odds are not great of finding it by changing jobs.

Of course, it is easy to see how this is the case. The last 40 years saw even more power shift towards the corporations. Through their government contacts, labor laws now heavily favor them. Benefits were continually slashed in favor of corporate profits. CEOs are further disconnected than every before. People like Jamie Dimon and Tim Cook were surprised at the backlash they received when they started to call people back into the office.

We can easily see there is a lot of turmoil in this area. What is going to happen and how to solve it is unclear at this point.

What we do know is there a technological component that was not really present before. Things are advancing at such a pace that we are seeing everything accelerated. Whereas transitions in the past took decades, we could see a lot happen in the next 10 years.

Cryptocurrency Is Likely The Answer

Of all the discussions that are taking place, the one absent from the conversation is cryptocurrency. This is the Golden Goose that is overlooked. Instead, we are going to debate things such as UBI for the next few years, spend time and money on trials, and probably get some implemented.

Like most things from the government, this will be a temporary measure that only reaches partial effectiveness.

Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has the ability to change everything. We already are seeing the impact is making on industries. Ironically, this will also cost more people their jobs. Nevertheless, we are developing an alternative.

The #Play2Earn movement is really showing the potential that exists here. This is something that was evident over the last few years to those who were able to foresee where things are going.

With cryptocurrency, the reward mechanism is varied. This means it can be applied to most any activity. The inherent value in it due to network activity means that people have the ability to retain and transfer value. This is a major breakthrough that did not truly exist on the Internet before.

Suddenly, blockchain games could appear and individuals could change their financial lives in under a year. This is impossible for most under the present system. How many spend 20 years working, perhaps even advancing, only to end up in a similar place as where they started? Those were the successful one. Most, sadly, spend that time working and end up worse off.

With the system that is being constructed, cryptocurrency rewards people for the value they provide. The direct payment mechanism means that those who contribute, over time, will financially benefit. They also end up having some stake in the network, something that is uncommon in their work lives.

Technology always allowed us to do more with less. This is a point that is being driven home today. The reality is that expansion in economic productivity happens with less people. With technology as widespread as it is now, it has a major impact upon the employment situation.

The hardest thing to change, of course, is the mindset of people. We see this in our political "leadership" who simply bring their old worn out ideologies to the table. Ideas that were fostered in the 1970s (or earlier) are of little use today.

We can clearly see the nature of work is changing. Yet we are still met with the same tired solutions. The era we are in is technologically explosive. As more is becoming digitized on a daily basis, that means the pace of the whole accelerates.

In the meantime, we can expect the same concepts to be recycled through over the next 5 years. During that time, things will only get worse, making more people open to alternatives. Sadly, to change minds, devastation usually needs to take place first before we collectively become open to something radically different. Too many people want to hang onto the way things are.

Naturally, we will simply keep building and expanding. The nature of work is changing and it might be altered into exactly what we are doing in cryptocurrency.

Interesting times we live in.

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It's not the office people hate so much as the commute.
Back in the late 19th century the ideal being fought for was 8 hours work, 8 hours leisure and 8 hours sleep. Workers lived 5 minutes away from their place of work, so the above was realistic.
Fast forward to the 21st century and it's still 8 hours work, but 2 hours commute leaving maybe 6 hours leisure and 8 hours sleep. It's the commute people resent and rebelled over during the lockdown when it was eliminated.

The transition is very much remarkable and with the technological change we shall have the experience of much more repid change of these job nature and transition from traditional to technology-based in the upcoming days as well.

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Yes it is happening very quickly. The development that is taking place is providing people with even more options. Those options equate to monetary value in most instances.

We are going to see millions of them arise over the next few years. People are going to be amazed at the number of ways they can earn.

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Ya. Huge available options are being generated day by day. Thanks

Very few are in charge of their own destiny and working for yourself is the safest place to be right now. I am so happy I made the move as uncertainty is never good. Many will be on the scrap heap and reinventing yourself should be priority number one right now. For those in their 40's it is never too late as I made the change 4 years ago.

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That is true. Things are moving so rapidly that anyone, at any age, can alter things and have a profound impact upon their lives.

With technology, 4 years is a lifetime.

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This is one of my favorite topics. My parents, until they both retired went somewhere to an office to work. My Dad still asks me about when I have to get to work even though I work for myself on the computer. Difficult for him to get his head around the fact that I can do what I need to do any time. He's always concerned about me taking time to take him to his appointments because I am missing work. I don't miss those days at all. I can say with out fear of contradiction that I wouldn't EVER want to go back to an office to work. It saves alot of money too!

I can understand where you are coming from. The idea of having to "go to work" is dreary. Obviously, in an economic system based upon scarcity, it is unavoidable. However, there are other options forming.

The Remote Work movement is really shifting things quickly. We are only going to see more things tied to that.

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Yes, @taskmaster4450le! I am looking forward to seeing more of how the Remote Work movement is changing things. I know that there will be way more happy pets having their owners at home. 😀

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Universal crypto basic income is the answer!

You have it. You left a comment, and you got an upvote which is income.

Keep it up and your take will rise.

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While I would love to agree with you, I don't think getting a grand total of around $0.20 for a few comments per day would cut it. What I really mean is for someone to generate a good livable wage off it.

Look around on Hive. There are tons of people making a good livable wage off it.

And 20 cents in a country like Venezuela, where the monthly minimum wage is $1, is a tremendous help.

Look at all those who are doing that with @splinterlands right now.

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Suddenly, blockchain games could appear and individuals could change their financial lives in under a year. This is impossible for most under the present system.

Age of abundance and exponential growth provided by crypto is what will "hit humanity hard" the next few years. Sure feels great to be an early adopter in crypto.

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It is going to be interesting to see how quickly and the impact the establishment does get hit with. We are still a very small segment at this point.

I would not be surprised to see the total value explode over night: something like a jump in MC from $3T to $10T in a couple months.

We simply have that much potential with all that is being developed out there.

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During the mania phase of the cycle we will probably see that strong of a jump. Time will tell.

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There is very much a paradigm shift happening with the typical "job". It used to be work 9-5 and be miserable, hate everything, and make a disappointing salary. People are waking up, it seems. Cryptocurrency is making people able to just walk away from the 9-5 bullshit and do things they actually love. With platforms like this, it's getting easier and easier to see the bigger picture. Life for what it's supposed to be. Taking care of yourself, your family, spending time with your kids, etc... It's a beautiful thing to see happen.

Cryptocurrency is opening news doors for people. It will be interesting to see how, as more infrastructure is in place, how fast adoption takes place.

Even something like Cubfinance is starting to change the lives of people.

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it has been happening and changing with the needs of the time now lots of people think of making money online by crypto or by stock or in my case by blogging on the hive

Cryptocurrency would indeed make a big difference in the future, as one can sit at home and earn income.
I was a blue collar foreman in the construction business and the rapid changes in technology made many jobs become reduntant to such an effect that 20 people could do the jobs today compared to the 200 that worked in the old days. Then I moved into the white collar management fields and even there jobs were cut over time,

So yes, cryptocurrency could offer a perfect solution, but people don't like change and will rather stick to the false comfort of existing systems.

Technology is like a snowball going downhill: it only speeds up.

We are seeing this across many industries. Most of us were asleep during the "retail apocalypse" until we woke one day to realize Amazon obliterated a ton of retail space.

That is happening all around us now. Most are simply unaware of it.

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I was just talking to another friend here about the early 60s when we had no mobile phones here.
The world changed around our blind eyes and deaf ears and these days it's the same with the giant strides that technology is taking.

So we were caught flat footed as usual and now we are sitting with one of the highest unemployment counts in the world. A serious look will have to taken at our educational systems methinks.

On an alt account, I am experimenting with a work hybrid. The account serves as something of a work log and advocacy for my field of work. It is expected that 50% of the existing work force in my field will retire in the next 5 to 7 years. There is bound to be interest out there. So, I've set up an Engrave blog for it.

Ironically, I qualify for pension at age 57. I am strongly considering early retirement too, unless the talent shortage makes for insanely higher paying jobs. In 10 years, which is how soon I can retire with 20 years of service, it could not hurt to have a voice for the industry and also have a pile of Hive at my disposal to help me be choosy. I could see the blog serving as a means of bringing in consulting jobs and, potentially, sponsorships. There is a great deal of knowledge that I have built up that would otherwise be lost to the world. I could continue to provide value in my field without having the 9 to 5. I think that is what is forgotten.

Elon Musk says that if nobody makes stuff, you have no stuff. I think work needs to progress over a lifetime from learning how to make stuff to teaching the next generation how to make stuff. There has to be a way for us older guys to get out of the way and make room for the newer guys to start learning. Otherwise, you end up with skills gaps.

I think, at least for me, Hive can be that way of transitioning out of the workforce without having to leave entirely. I would still be able to participate without denying experience to younger workers. What's great about Hive is that it compounds. So, in 10 years, there's not telling what my choices will be.

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Elon Musk is also working on "machines that build the machines". So we have to watch what we take from him, he is a bit of salesman in him.

That said, it is great for you to apply innovation to Hive. This is what happens when people are free to create. Perhaps you will end up creating a template for others to follow, in different industries.

Either way, Hive is a fantastic adjunct to what anyone has going on in real life.

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There is a good deal of truth to what you say here, yet not all forms of work are susceptible to the changes in paradigm. Construction labor for example is little changed over the years while project management most certainly has changed.

On the whole though you present a very accurate picture of how the nature of 'work' has and is changing. If there is one point in the article I would hope to see change it is in the 'could' and 'might' terms. As you point out change is a constant over time and yet, sadly, the social tendency is to resist it.

Fortunately we have before us an opportunity that is unique in human history. For the first time ever those who, like yourself, have a genuine talent for seeing how things can be changed have at their disposal the means to share that vision, create a proactive audience and for the first time ever be able to influence the path of change. With this we can change the 'might be' and 'could be' into 'can be' and 'will be'.

It is not entirely accurate to say that this circumstance is completely new, there is one earlier example. The founding of America as a nation has many parallels, however, as you point out it also had the attendant catastrophic events of the revolution. In todays opportunity we have the power and ability to foresee and avoid such unpleasant consequences as we effect change in a positive direction. The question is will we choose to come together in common cause and at least general agreement and take the path of least resistance?

Blessed be.

Sadly, history seems to dictate that we need long periods of unpleasantness before people are willing to be open to change.

The last two "transformative" Presidents, regardless of what anyone thinks about them, came only after a long period of suffering. FDR and Reagan followed a decade of turmoil. For better or worse, they were able to instill policies that altered the direction of the country.

We are at that same point again. The difference is we have the technological angle to consider which was not present 50 or 100 years ago. This is accelerating a great deal.

Time will tell how quickly people open up to things. Many simply seem to prefer to play the victim.

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in the last decades the changes that the human being has suffered have been drastic, some for the better and others not so much, the cryptocurrencies continue giving advantage to the most powerful, thanks for your post.

Blockchains would probably help for sure, but the government's will also have a role to play, they will need to give money to people who don't earn enough if they can't work but don't earn in other ways.

The universal income, even at a low rate will be necessary if more works continue to disappear for robots


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