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RE: STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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Thus, we are going to need about a half dozen tribes/applications following a similar pattern. What others out there have the potential to match it?

Yes we need more awesome tribes like leofinance. And i am really excited for STEMGeeks. Cheers !


I keep saying this over and over, we need 100 Leos!

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Mwah we need it, but when it's not profitable to have it and a serious time & money investment is needed..

I think we should make it more interesting to start a community.

Start a community because you are passionate about it, not because you want to make money. I mostly spend money on STEMGeeks, there is really no revenue source.

Exactly and that that is ok. If hive wants to see many side chains in this form than it needs to be profitable or free to start.

Investment requires a return imo. If not it has to grow slow & organic