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RE: What Tribe Miner has the best ROI?

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Nice. A few people have actually messaged me asking about the miners so I can send them here now for an updated count. @brofund did buy those LEOMs for 2 HIVE/LEOM. So breakeven would be 0.685 years for them. They (and the others who bought early on) are making out like bandits

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This was my first thought. It really depends what people paid.

it does, but this is an accurate representation of buying as of right now.

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Value LEO miners in LEO.

I ran the numbers last night and i got the exact same results as Marky, just under 4 years at today price of about 5.9 (12hive) LEO per LEO miner.

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 6 months ago (edited)

Those who got in early did really well, STEM Miners were 50% off when I first launched them, leo a lot cheaper than now.

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I think most people don't touch it because they don't understand it enough. Can't or (shouldn't) throw money in something you don't understand in debt.

I do agree, I don’t think everyone fully understands what is really going on and just chasing passive income.

Passive money is a bit of a pipe dream anyway. Śemi passive works better

I didn't even know miners were a thing until the past 2 months. Not sure how they completely slipped me by. I have not purchased many, but this post might help make a decision for me.