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RE: Uniswap Showing How We Are Entering The Age Of Abundance

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Uniswap tokens prove to me that a whole lot is possible with blockchain, crypto and smart contracts. Imagine the possibilities involved. Airdropping such a huge amount, it of course drives quality to the network and people will begin to see the bigger picture. I of course missed out of uniswap and I'm glad for the buzz and everything, it'll generally create awareness to the crypto sphere. Thanks for always writing I enjoyed reading this one.


Well Uniswap got a lot excited but it is just one project. Hopefully, there will be a ton more following over the next 6-12 months. The model is already out there and the idea of incentivizing users is starting to take hold.

Those applications that understand this concept will likely be able to leverage it for greater growth, at the expense of other ones. Many will be slow to adopt this putting them in jeopardy of having the present business model affected.

As people get accustomed to this, it will become the expectation. Thus, there will likely be a time, perhaps not too far off, where a large number of people will not use something unless they are being rewarded.

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