Uniswap Showing How We Are Entering The Age Of Abundance

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Over the last few years, much was written about how Web 3.0 is going to change things. This is a transition that I see entering us into the "Age of Abundance".

Our present system is built upon the idea of scarcity. We primarily operate in a physical world where atoms are limited. Thus, we see a natural scarcity due to the resources available.

This changes somewhat when we enter the digital world. Now, instead of atoms, we are dealing with bits. They travel much faster and quickly move us away from the scarcity model. The ability to scale up in number is exponential when compared to the world of atoms.


An issue is the fact that while the digital brings a natural abundance, the way it is structured brings back the same old scarcity. Essentially, the few companies in control of the major platforms have develop a model that benefits only a few while the masses are left with little to nothing.

It is a model that is already starting to crack and we are seeing the early stages of Web 3.0 unfolding.

Uniswap made great headlines this week with its airdrop of the UNI token. Anyone who utilized that application received 400 UNI tokens. Keep in mind, these are governance tokens, designed to provide individuals with the future of the network. Nevertheless, as of this moment, the 400 UNI token are worth over $2,800.

This is a healthy sum to receive in an airdrop. Of course, depending upon where one resides, this could be an incredible amount of money. Yet, in a total surprise, people woke up one day and saw they were eligible for the tokens.

Why did Uniswap do this?

The exact details were never released in full. We can surmise that this was done in response to the moves Sushiswap made a few weeks prior. This fork of the Uniswap software was able to garner a great deal of attention, and liquidity pool money, by offering its own token out to those who provided tokens for liquidity to that network. Estimates are that 80% of the liquidity was moved.

Here is where we see the abundance in action. This epitomizes what Web 3.0 is going to look like. Just for a second, picture this happening on a daily basis.


A key component of Web 3.0 is the move away from a focus upon the platform to one on the users. Presently, the users provide all the data and the platforms are the ones who receive the majority of the monetary benefit. Web 3.0 is going to be the exact opposite. Thus, developers in that realm are going to have to spend time brainstorming of how to reward users. This is in direct contrast where platforms are always coming up with ways to leverage the value that users provide for their own benefit.

Uniswap and Sushiswap are just two applications out there. Imagine this applying to move that we come across. For example, consider the idea of web browsers. Will people be comfortable using a "free" browser when others are out there offering rewards? Also, if we take this to another level, picture the innovation if two browser teams are continually enhancing the rewards offered to those using their browser.

It is easy to see who benefits.

Yield-farming is the rage right now. Many compare it to the ICO boom of a couple years ago. There is a chance that this is slightly different.

What we see in the world of DeFi could be laying the new foundation for the digital realm. Every platform might be confronted with the need to "out do" its rivals. After all, we are dealing with one of the most scarce items, individual attention.

If a platform wants users' attention, they will have to generate a reward system where users are drawn to them. Those that fail to do so will end up lagging behind.

This takes on new meaning if we see the trend towards open source software continue. Uniswap is open source meaning anyone can fork it. Over the last month, a number of ventures popped up that really were nothing more than a repackaged version of Uniswap. As Sushiswap showed, it isn't so much the difference in the software that matters. Instead, it is the incentives users receive.


Of course, financial abundance is just one area of life. In totality, more money being spread around does not translate into a better world. In fact, the way some behave, it ends up unfolding in the opposite manner.

However, we live in a highly technological era. We see many different technologies rolling out that have the ability to transform how society operates. Areas such as construction, food production, and energy are all seeing radical changes. Some of these will result in a better system of production and, hopefully, consumption.

That said, money is drives the proverbial horse. Research, development, and investing are all required for technological advancement. Expanding the resources available for these purposes will only increase the pace that we can move forward.

We already saw this transformation in the fields of information, communication, music, and video. Companies that depended upon the scarcity model saw their businesses disrupted as abundance was ushered in.

Over the next decade, we will see similar things in food, energy, transportation, and healthcare. Technological tokenization will only increase the pace of innovation that we see.

From this perspective, the $2,800 from Uniswap is just the beginning. The next decade will likely see something like this becoming the norm.

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We probably forgetting we got free HIVE from the fork of STEEM, which for me have impacted me becoming a dolphin on HIVE quicker, basically these things are already happening.
However the value of the token plays a vital role as we see with UNI currently $7.23.

Yes we did see the holdings of many on Hive expand due to the fork which provided, for most, an equal amount of HIVE as STEEM. Many converted over to increase their Hive position.

There was also the fact that Steem holdings enabled one to get PAL tokens which was used as the basis for the LEO airdrop in the beginning.

Thus people were rewarded in a number of different ways. Some, like PAL didnt go anywhere, but LEO took off. Could we see a few more duplicate this over the next year?

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We've seen when a system works, others copy and develop on it to make it better with some failing and some winning, so I would say there's more duplicate to this going forward.

Uniswap tokens prove to me that a whole lot is possible with blockchain, crypto and smart contracts. Imagine the possibilities involved. Airdropping such a huge amount, it of course drives quality to the network and people will begin to see the bigger picture. I of course missed out of uniswap and I'm glad for the buzz and everything, it'll generally create awareness to the crypto sphere. Thanks for always writing I enjoyed reading this one.

Well Uniswap got a lot excited but it is just one project. Hopefully, there will be a ton more following over the next 6-12 months. The model is already out there and the idea of incentivizing users is starting to take hold.

Those applications that understand this concept will likely be able to leverage it for greater growth, at the expense of other ones. Many will be slow to adopt this putting them in jeopardy of having the present business model affected.

As people get accustomed to this, it will become the expectation. Thus, there will likely be a time, perhaps not too far off, where a large number of people will not use something unless they are being rewarded.

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Looking at the airdrop from Uniswap I am just feeling I've lost a big chance to earn thousands of dollars from a simple thing. This proves that you either ACT or DO NOTHING and loose opportunities.

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I also believe that large-scale tokenization will bring about a new socioeconomic functioning. And it will depend a lot on how this new distribution of power will take place, and consequently financial. I also think that actors, like us, have an important responsibility in this context. In Brazil, it is still a very distant reality for a large part of the population, even to understand the minimum. But with time, education, and facilitating the use of these new technologies, I am very hopeful that we can change something, for the better.

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Indeed, what happened around Uniswap is an eye opener on the potential of crypto which is yet to be scratched. $2,800 is really huge and an abundance for real.

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How do you think BitShares missed the boat so badly? I mean, technically (even better), everything was in place already ...

No doubt that with DeFis we are entering a new era for the crypto universe. It's amazing how Uniswap is making things thrive. Several people must have sold their tokens when they were making about $ 1,400 and today I see that it has almost doubled in value. These are opportunities that only cryptocurrencies offer and this is just the beginning.

We will have several other forms of earnings in the future and one of them will be DeFo (Decentralized Forex) which will be created later this year on Waves Plataforma. The cool thing about this is that there are countless ways that anyone can manage to make their own income. Blockchain came to give that opportunity to everyone. Over time, we will see more actions by blockchain technology in the masses and companies. The future is right there.

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