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RE: Hive: Finding A Niche

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Making a full mover over to Web 3 will present challenges, at the moment sitting with one foot in both while learning.

Image of places to find out more appreciated, some heard of others not. Moving away from centralized will come in time!

Hive should start attracting people by continued sharing across all platforms to peek interest. A permanent place to send interested people/parties would assist greatly as well.


Everything that has to do with Web 3.0 is a process.. It is something that will evolve over the next decade. There are many facets to it and we are only at the beginning stages. Blockchain is just one piece of the puzzle.

This is where Hive can be an introduction for "coming attractions". There is a lot that is going to change society over the next decade and the digital world will only grow. This is what we are a part of.

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Most definitely exciting times, new prospects!

yes, this is what we are doing....we also created a new group, Hive Marketing specfically to meet the need of doing social campaigns about Hive, but on traditional social networks like Twitter, etc.