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RE: Why We're So Loyal To Apple

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I have a Apple macbook because its was easier to use that instead of a linux computer for coding. Besides that I don't exactly like Apple that much either and Apple itself hasn't been the best when it comes to making design modifications. I watch Louis Rossman and his right to repair videos as well. Although he always rags on Apple, it is because they tend to be the ones setting up the trends for specific problems in manufacturing that are then copied by other computer makers.

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I hear Mint Linux is pretty good and I think Linux is great for building a more secure system. The PC is good if you like to tinker and when it comes to having a huge selection of software for the platform as well as gaming. I wonder if Steve Jobs being raised as an orphan had something to do with his "outsider" status and infusing that into the culture at Apple. It's been said that they only hire people just like them and if you don't fit into the hippie, artsy culture there, you're removed. Steve said they either fit in, or they're gone.