StemGeeks STEM Token Sell Wall Destroyed

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Hey team,

Do you remember @taskmaster4450's excellent STEMGeeks explainer which highlighted both the community and token's potential?

If you haven't given that one a read, then it's the perfect pre-curser to this post, so definitely go and check out what the community is all about.

Now as the title says, the sell wall in the STEM/HIVE market is no more.

It looks as though @sanjeevm took care of it (and then some), on his way to a 44,000 token staked investment.


StemGeeks STEM Token

Ignoring the price of our native token for a second, one bright spot within the Hive ecosystem continues to be the engagement within our communities.

On the back of this increased engagement, we're also seeing increased demand for their community tokens.

We're all obviously watching the LEO token, but from an investment point of view, are you sleeping on STEM?

Just take a look at the chart below.


That early November pump was on the back of Task's post that I linked to above and the latest spike is the recent destruction of the buy wall.

The demand is obviously there...

What About HIVE?

Well the less that's said about the price of our native token, the better...

You're here, but do you have your ticket to the train?

LOL, I can't believe I said that either...

And just like that, HIVE falls straight back down to its lows.


Just as quick as it faked out to the upside.

And I really thought this time was different ;)

While you're here and inspired by the StemGeeks community, why not check out my Dad's latest post:

>> The Great Conjunction of 2020 – A Meeting of the Gas Giants <<

Next time you head outside, take a look up into the night sky.

You won't miss what he's talking about.

Best of probabilities to you,


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I ran out of liquid hive - arranging some more to buy more ...

There you have it #LeoFinance community, straight from the horses mouth.

Now's your chance to front-run the new STEM whale who isn't finished buying ;)

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You are a wild man! In a good way :OD

We'll see in a years time if he was the wild one or just the smartest one in the room ;)

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I saw the post from @sanjeevm and congratulated him there. He did a great service to the community. We are about to see some really great booms for these SCOT Tribes like @leofinance @stemgeeks and many more. @dbuzz doesn't have a token, but they have some impressive statistics to show:

It looks like a large part of future HIVE price appreciation will come because of the communities. I'm feeling very proud about making these predictions a long time ago while SMTs were just being discussed.

Nice call on your communities prediction.

I hope you've been putting your money where your mouth is ;)

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I hope you've been putting your money where your mouth is ;)

I certainly did, but not enough. Vale of what I own on HIVE-Engine is about 50% of the value of my HIVE. Majority of it is LEO. After that it is:

  • EPC
  • PAL
  • STEM
  • SPT

I was putting so much into DEC. Now my @splinterlands account is worth twice my HIVE. I'm honestly out of liquidity to put enough money on where my mouth is.

Haha, we never have enough when things start to go our way.

That LEO in your wallet certainly looks nice :)

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Dow Jones & Company (they own The Wall Street Journal + MarketWatch etc.) makes about 1.5 Billion USD every year. If @leofinance became 10% of that wouldn't it be unreasonable to call $25 LEO. Absolutely not! I don't think it would be time to sell until LEO reach $100. Marketcap wise we would still be under 700 Million USD at that point.

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I read taskmaster's post and picked up a handful on top of what I'd already been dropped. Love watching a big sell wall get eaten up. When LEO started to move I saw the massive sell wall for the miners and decided not to grab any.
Two days later it was gone.

Gah, don't remind me about those LEO miners!

I jagged 250 before the wall came down, which gives me close to 1 LEO per day. Should have taken a bigger chunk of them when I had the chance.

Speaking of miners, how about those remaining STEM miners?...

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Just grabbed 30. I'm a fast learner.

Only 46 left on the market.

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I was gradually building my STEM profile and had so far reached 2.5k STEM staked.. And than saw this buy from @sanjeevm.. STEM is definitely on its way to surge. Cheers.

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It won't hurt just using some of your HIVE or LEO rewards to buy and hold tokens like STEM.

You never know which is going to be the next community to truly get their act together like LeoFinance and you've gotta be in it to win it ;)

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I think it's getting to the point where most people have sold most of their Hive to get other tokens, now we have to sell those to keep up with all the other new tokens. I'm not selling my LEO"S!

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My advice would be to not totally sleep on HIVE.

HIVE is so cheap and if the communities succeed, then Hive as a whole will succeed with them. Whether we like it or not, our success is linked to Hive and the token price is going to eventually reflect that.

The fact we can right now delegate HIVE to leo.voter to both help with onboarding and be paid in LEO for the trouble, is a great reason to keep at least some level of HIVE accumulation going on.

That's my thinking anyway.

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I've got few USD worth STEM from airdrop + occasionally posting content. Only token I've purchased for a Tribe so far is LEO. One thing I have confidence is there's so much room to grow for the token.


#STEM should use the Twitter signup feature liek and try to onbaord new users. That should help with the token demand.

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I see you just staked a nice chunk of LEO yourself :)

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