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RE: Hive Hackathon: Hivemessage

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I think it’s both great as well as potentially challenging. It’s great that we may not need to give groups like discord and telegram so much business. On the other token though, the permanence of the chain needs to be remembered. Things said on the internet are stored by the big companies without a doubt, waiting to be used but with the messenger app, I would hope it’s using the encrypted memo key somehow and there is some privacy to it. My discussion with a friend I don’t need broadcasted on an unencrypted ledger in my database profile, for no other reason besides privacy. I would feel much more comfortable giving someone my posting key for my Splinterlands account for example over encrypted messaging tied to the memo key.

This would also be an interesting way to see how resource credits come into play with all this. I would think going in hand with this type of stuff may be getting to a way where accounts can pool resource credits for others to use when needed.

All great stuff!


One of the comments did mention that the throughput to the chain would be encrypted. You are right, the last thing is to have a private message available for all to see doesnt make sense to anyone.

It will use RCs although they use a great deal less than a regular post.

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