Hive Hackathon: Hivemessage

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The first Hive Hackathon is over. From what I could see, the project was a success.

This was an initiative that was put together by Stemgeeks and @themarkymark. There was over 12,500 HIVE donated to be awarded as prizes.

It attracted 14 developers who submitted applications for consideration. In this post I want to cover one that I found really interesting and of great potential.

Here is the full post of the contest results (as of the writing of the post, the winners were not announced).

The success of this initial Hackathon shows the ability of the developers that we have on Hive. Most of these projects have enormous potential, so it will be interesting to see what is built out. It is important to note that part of the criteria of the contest is for all code to be open source. This means that others can pick up and add to the project if desired.

One that really stood out to me was Hivemessage. This was the submission of @ederaleng. It is a messenger application that is will provide the ability for communities to interact with each other. Of course, at present that role is filled with outside applications such a Telegram or Discord. Hivemessage is an app that is tied to the Hive blockchain, with all transactions going to the blockchain.

Obviously, during the two week contest, what was produced was MVPs. Thus, we see applications that are scarce in features yet have a lot that can be added. Based upon what I see with Hivemessage, this fits that description well.

We start by going to to login. As we see, this uses either Keychain or Hivesigner.


Upon signing in, we are met with this graphic. It shows that private conversations will be added in the future.


In the upper left, we have our dashboard. Here is where we find the ability to create a channel.


Clicking on the Green + allows us to add a channel

The full write up about the project can be read here.

It is very interesting to see a messenger application being developed that is tied directly to Hive. This could evolve into something very powerful. The idea of a basic messenger is appealing yet it was one of the comments that caught my attention.


Not only do we see the potential for having a way to chat and set up different discussion channels but an audio room would be a huge step. The ability to easily create podcasts using an on-chain application would be a major step forward. This would assist in the people's ability to create content. Essentially, another resource that is part of the ecosystem, keeping people from having to go outside.

Of course, these are all plans and we can see that @ederaleng has many ideas about what to add to the project. We will have to see how it all evolves given the wide range of options that are available for an application such as this.

What are your thoughts on it? Do you think this is an application that can really help the Hive ecosystem?

Also, in looking over the other submissions in the contest, what caught your attention? Are there some you like better?

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I think it’s both great as well as potentially challenging. It’s great that we may not need to give groups like discord and telegram so much business. On the other token though, the permanence of the chain needs to be remembered. Things said on the internet are stored by the big companies without a doubt, waiting to be used but with the messenger app, I would hope it’s using the encrypted memo key somehow and there is some privacy to it. My discussion with a friend I don’t need broadcasted on an unencrypted ledger in my database profile, for no other reason besides privacy. I would feel much more comfortable giving someone my posting key for my Splinterlands account for example over encrypted messaging tied to the memo key.

This would also be an interesting way to see how resource credits come into play with all this. I would think going in hand with this type of stuff may be getting to a way where accounts can pool resource credits for others to use when needed.

All great stuff!

One of the comments did mention that the throughput to the chain would be encrypted. You are right, the last thing is to have a private message available for all to see doesnt make sense to anyone.

It will use RCs although they use a great deal less than a regular post.

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Blockchain exists to provide censorship resistance and immutability. No one wants ephemeral or private communications posted to a blockchain. It makes no sense. Of course, you could encrypt them but once an encryption key gets into the wrong hands, all private communication will be readable by the whole world forever.

As opposed to that conversation on a centralized app that gets hacked?

We know that nothing is safe to the degree it is totally private. Implementing end-to-end encryption is about the best we can do.

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Telegram is end-to-end encrypted.

I'm just saying that posting private communications to a blockchain serves no purpose.

I am a big fan and proponent of moving everything onto the blockchain. Needing to interact on discord doesn’t make sense when an on chain application could be made.

Yes, the hackathon was such a great idea as it provides a forum for great developers to share their visions/talents. I think a message app is strongly needed and will add much more value to the HIVE community.

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This would really be a cool feature to have the HIVE messaging running. It will create another wave of engagement and meeting interacting between users.

HIVE blockchain is becoming a hub soon that has everything the internet can sponsor but in a truly decentralized form. This has a way of boosting adoption as people love socialization than even earning money.

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Thank you for your work for the community, new tools are always appreciated! 🙃