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RE: Cryptocurrency: Super Network Worth Quadrillions

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the numbers you mention are really stratospheric and if these could magically move into the crypto market today who knows what numbers we will have. the migration will be progressive and the numbers I mentioned will grow even more.

Sometimes I tell myself I'm lucky to be able to observe all this from the beginning but above all to be part of it. We hope in a decade to be able to reap our fruits 😍

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It is progressive and will grow in time. Each passing year, the numbers do get bigger.

This year, $14 billion in DeFi monty staked; next year we might see 10x (or more) that.

Now we see purchases of BTC in the $100 million category.

I would expect we start to see similar numbers in ETH over time.

It will just keep growing.

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Saylor said he will not buy Ethereum at the moment because he says he doesn't see it mature yet.

It is likely that he can therefore concentrate on other cryptocurrencies but I am not sure how far his knowledge can go or if he is supported by people more experienced in the sector

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Grayscale is already loading up on it. Saylor, in the end, will be a bit player in this realm. Much bigger players on the way with a great deal more money.

Wait until the likes of Fidelity start to open their books.

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