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RE: Bitcoin maintains its bullish momentum, despite a brief 20% correction

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I guess the higher it gets the higher the support will rise for when it will actually correct, if I'm not wrong. Regarding altcoins I can't say I chose the best performing ones. LTC, my favorite and my biggest holding still lags a lot behind ETH for example. SNX would have been a great investment this year, but you can't have them all. We might reach 1 trillion in total marketcap by the end of the month if the momentum stays the same.

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Yes I would say the support is also rinsing with price. Even if we make $19.5k in the retrace, that would be epic. There are a lot of buy orders around there.
LTC is doing quite well against USDT lately. Is SNX the Snax token? It appeared on Hive a few years ago if its the same one.

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