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RE: STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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Your current Rank (1) in the Hive-Engine Token Shill Charts has granted you an Upvote of 65%.

Jokes aside, I would say that STEM has the strongest tokenomics of all the HE tokens, is well moderated, and a good piece of content will usually be rewarded by all large stakeholders.


I agree. I am about to cross over 6,000 STEM and just recently started to curate on there out of a dedicated account.

I think it has a strong foundation and the large stakeholders appear to be acting in the best interest of the platform. That is vital.

It will require growth since all the tokeneconomics in the world isnt worth much if the platform is stagnant. That said, I believe it is a very valuable target market, one that could really push STEMGeeks to great heights.

I will be curious to see if a road map is released any time soon.

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I don't have an official roadmap, but I have some plans I am working on. Right now the Second STEMGeeks/Hive Hackathon is my primary focus along with making changes to to support better onboarding.

I'm not surprised if it hits parity with hive next year!