The Simple Farm: How I Made Mushroom From A Saw Dust?

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Have you not been curious about why mushroom grows anywhere? From the trees, dried leaves, dung, soils, and anywhere, even your concrete wall grows mushrooms sometimes. Or have you not been questioned why there were a lot of scattered mushrooms overgrowing after the thunderstorm? They formed their fruiting bodies. Some are wild yet edible, and others are poisonous or strange looking. In the second part, we will now make a portion of mushroom food.

The first part was titled The Simple Lab: How Do I Make My Mushroom Spawn At Home? and we talked about how to make a mushroom grain spawn, now goes to the next level, the preparation of substrate mixture.

To understand the substrate, simply as the food of mushrooms. The mushroom wasn't plant or animal. They are different. At first, science considered them as plants, yet they don't need sunlight and photosynthesis, so they disagreed with becoming one; in fact, there was no characteristic of the plant that was similar to a mushroom, just the mycelia that look like plant roots yet they are not a root.

We could grow mushrooms even if we don't make anything. The backyard where you place dead lumber or tree trunk could give you mushrooms, but there are some twists. You don't know when and where the mushroom grows, or if the edible will grow or the wild poison. So farmers make sure they make in the deadline, instead of waiting for the rainy season, they are the ones to make possible even in the summer, instead of waiting for the trees to decompose we shall force it, FastTrack the period, that how the mushroom production born.


  1. Saw Dust (50%)
  2. Rice bran (35%)
  3. Agricultural lime (10%)
  4. Sugar (5%)

Mushroom only grows in decomposed organic materials. The problem with sawdust is that it takes more time to decompose. It also needed to be in an open area frequently watered by the rain. We could fast-track the decomposition by adding materials such listed above.

The Rice bran helps the sawdust decompose, and the carbohydrates it contains help the microbes do the job as the rice bran dominates the acidity of the substrate sawdust. Hence, we need agricultural lime to alternate the acidity of the rice bran. And sugar as glucose is a bank, and the mushroom needs that in the future.

The primary need of a mushroom is only "Nitrogen, sugar, and carbohydrates" Nitrogen is present anywhere, especially the thunderstorm. After decomposition, sugar or glucose happens from the dead materials of leaves and woods. Still, we FastTrack that by adding brown sugar or molasses, carbohydrates from the rice bran, yet it's naturally occurring in the sawdust after years of decomposition.

The goal of farmers is to compile all the mushrooms needs in one bag or fruiting bag.

In the finale, 30 days of decomposition of the sawdust seems long, but actually, it was the shortest decomposition period that was helped by the materials I listed above. You could test if the substrate is fully decomposed or ready to use by pushing the color that needed to be brown. From testing, the pH level must not be acidic, and moisture content must be under 40%. It's cool. Still, there is science in everything.


There is so much substrate you could use, not just the saw dust, depending on the availability in your area. But Saw dust means a more extended period. For example, the sawdust as substrate could fruit its body for three months instead of leaf-based or hays that only last for a month.

I also did some research about the different substrate mixtures, such as follows.

  1. Treatment 1: 50% Rice straw + 50% Sawdust
  2. Treatment 2: 50% Corn Husk + 50% Saw Dust
  3. Treatment 3: 50% Corn Cob + 50% Saw Dust
  4. Treatment 4: 50% Banana Leaves+ 50% Sawdust
  5. Treatment 5: 50% Water Hyacinth + 50 % Saw Dust.

Now you know my primary goal, why I did mushroom, is to research.

From the result, the control or the Rice Straw stands out next to the list was the banana leaves, followed by the Corn Husk, Water Hyacinth, and Corn Cob in the mycelial growth and development but Banana leaves stand out when it terms to production.

(I will make a separate blog for the results of the research)


I was in the mood to experiment and look for some changes last 2020, and the result shocked me. From 30 days, we could shorten it by 20 days instead, using IMO (Indigenous Micro Organism). What I did is to FastTrack introduce the microbes instead, or the indigenous microorganism.

  1. Treatment 1: Control (No Indigenous Micro Organism)
  2. Treatment 2: 100 ml Indigenous Micro Organism/ 1L water
  3. Treatment 3: 50 ml Indigenous Micro Organism/ 1L water

And the result was stunning. Treatment 2 gained so much and didn't give acidity to the substrate mixture. This is soon my graduate thesis as I plan to continue my studies for a master's degree next year. Focuses on the fast track, my goal is to shorten the 30 days to 10-20 days to meet more in production, so I shall not enclose data for it. For now, soon, you will know more about my dissertation thesis.

As you can see, I am not focused on the production of mushrooms for now, for I am more curious about searching for things, alternatives, and low cost. I wanted to build my empire and my technology.

Just remember mushroom is needed (carbohydrates, sugar, and Nitrogen). These are the primary nutrient they need, and most of them happen in nature, so, commonly, you have seen a lot of mushrooms scattered somewhere, which makes them unique in all the organisms. To be a mushroom farmer, you must learn to master the primary source of foods to make the mushroom.

More things to learn in mushroom as we go on. Thanks for reading…

All photos presented are owned by @eunoia101


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I reread your blog twice so that I could understand it better. The complexity of those words was beyond my vocabulary today. Anyway, since it was my third time reading about your mushroom blogs, I understood a few things about it like how to make it and the materials needed.

I hope someday that I could experience making one with you, bro. Like, it would be a fantastic experience for me whose course is very far from farming. I'm waiting for your future projects and experimentations.

Have some !PIZZA

Haha sorry man, terminolohiya is quite different really in my field and nasanay kasi ako hehe. Still thanks for your unending support

Yeah, how I wish I could understand it at first read. Lol! Of course, we love to support each other. giggle

I think I can grow my own mushrooms by just looking at your process. kaya pala may mga mushrooms na nagggrow sa tabi tabi, ang madalas sa mga malamit sa damo at palay, hehe😃

Hehe yes po, also there another version of rice straw as substrate. Next week I shall make a blog how that happened. Let's talk about the rice straw and mushroom na nandoon.

Post mo na agad @eunoia101 , kaexcite makita! 😁

Wow, grabe, amazing yonong. If only I could clap here. Ang galing mo. It was a great idea to focus on alternatives and low cost. I wish you success.

Thank you ate, yeah that my goal. Also to educate people that starting a venture doesn't need a huge capital hehe.

Omyy. I can't imagine that mushrooms came from that process. I though they just sprout out of nowhere.

Haha, it's amazing right? That's why I was also amazed with this organisms there are lot of things to learn from them.

It is.

Another tag you can use is #stem for science related articles.

!discovery 30

Yayy thanks doc, gonna use that next time. Also for the support always...

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Awesome dude.

Thank you man...

Welcome. Mint post.

Mushrooms are a really interesting thing. They are just not plants but fungi, right? I might make a mushroom in my room, thanks to this blog haha. Kidding. Oh, got destructed again with that pretty face.

Indeed they are incredible organisms. Science really having eyes on them for magical benifits they gave. That's why I also loved and curious about this stuff soon enough as I mastered I could share more hehe.

Pretty face, yet you busted. Hmmmm

Mushrooms started growing from my wooden chopping board. I thought it was because I didn't immediately wash it after using it. So I guess it's not the case, right?

Anyway, thank you for sharing this. I learned something today.

Maybe yes, spores or mushroom seed cannot be seen in the naked eye and its all over, then Organic matter stays in the chopping board added that it's wet hayun nagsitubuan hehe.

Ang galing mo @eunoia101 !


OMG this is so informative @eunoia101 !! Ang galing!!! All this time I thought that mushrooms are plants eh. So hindi pala.

Hehe no they are not plants, it's amazing thou to also discover them as not the same we thought when we were young jeje.

Been waiting for this sir.😊
Very informative as always and now I know what those cute mushrooms need.
Producing in a shorter period means income when you're into selling those mushrooms. This was a great experiment sir.

Yeah but shorter period losses some of the quality too, that's the thing I wanted to avoid. Kaya yan, kaya I push myself to masteral and still mushroom will be my thesis. Makikipag-away ako if ayaw soon ng teacher Jaja.

That's the only problem when the period of production is shortened. Hoping you can unlock the solution to that one po. Producing mushrooms in short period of time but in good quality as the one being produce in a longer period.

Fight for it sir. It's very rare to see someone like you who studies mushrooms. If it will become a successful experiment then one of it's beneficiaries will be the local farmers sir..kaya paglaban yarn..😊

Nabibili pla ang sawdust? Mahal ba yan? Buti at naapply mo pinag aralan mo ,😊

Ginto ang saw dust dito haha. 100 pesos ang isang sako hahaha

Bili ka nlng kahoy..gawa saw dust 🤣

Haha mas mahal kasi kahoy dito kaysa bakal. DENR on the move

Yun lang.. Only in the Philippines 🤣

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This is something to try out. Thank you friend for the beautiful break down of mushroom production

what specific strains of mushrooms were you growing here though? or are you just going to document which strains are mot likely to grow on which substrate?

I grew pluerutos with different varieties yiee from P. ostreoutus, P. florida, P. sajor-cajor and some hybrid CO3 and H4

Ohh so Yun talaga substrate nila? Cuz I remember mushrooms have a substrate preference din

Naice post

Thank you for sharing this..Another learnings from you. I think I can introduce this way in our school for a prjoect. 🥰