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RE: The Shop without Staff

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I have boycotted these kinds of markets that promote unemployment and will continue to do so🤮 Lets stay in the present and f*** QR codes and f*** Amazon😎

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Guess people just need to find more marketable skills.

If you live in a country with better social safety net than US, etc., maybe your government should try investing in its citizens to acquire those said skills instead of just handing out money for kicks and giggles.

Maybe the government should just piss off and leave people live their every country😏 Your money money money will be the death of you🤑🤑🤑 People are more important than this futuristic bull. They should work together and cut off from the greedy🙌

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Or just get better skills and stop blaming the government.

Most of you guys are here on Hive for the money anyways. Lmao.

And maybe you should just wake up and smell the coffee🤯 I have plenty of skills and have never worked in any kind of a grocery store, but would never shop in something like this. I am working toward building small communities where there is no gov't. And I don't make much of anything off Hive. Good luck to you. You'll need it😉

I'd like to be part of a small community too one day. Just have no idea where to find such things these days.

Pre-covid i used to do a lot of traveling around England and Europe, working as a volunteer for room and board on the platform. Those were some fun ass times man.

Watch The Greater Reset starting tomorrow. It will give you ideas on how to find small communities of people looking for solutions 🙏

Thank you very much! I hear Max Igan is speaking there too. And also Kenny's Kitchen will be there too!

I will look into it!

Unfortunately, Max cancelled as he's feeling under the weather😥 But Kenny's kitchen is still going to be there🤗

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Lmao k


I agree completely.