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Wandering through london we stumbled upon one of these new fangled Amazon shops, where you just take what you want and then leave without ever having to go to a checkout.

We decided to have a look for ourselves to see what it was all about and... if we could cheat the system.

When you go in you have to bring up a QR code from the amazon app on your phone, scan it on the sensor, and you're in!!


What great fortune.... we were told that we could have £10 worth of items completely free as it was our first time using the store.

The shop is covered in cameras that are watching your every move.. All of the shelving is made up of weighing scales.

Between the cameras and the shelves, the system is able to recognise exactly what you have taken and placed into your bag.






This technology is insanely clever.. not only does it recognise if you take a single onion, it even knows if later on during your shop, you return that onion to the shelf and in doing so, removing it from your bill.

30 minutes after leaving the store, you will be billed for your products via the amazon app. Crazy!

So, with our £10 to spend. We got..

1x bottle of water
1x bottle of wine
1x pack of mentos
1x bar of chocolate


Or so we thought...

As we left the store, we noticed this sign 🙄🙄😄😄


Soooo, I had to pay for the wine 🤷‍♂️ never mind, it was still a great experience and further proof that.. THE FUTURE IS NOW! 😊

Screenshot_20220117-181756_Amazon Shopping.jpg


I have boycotted these kinds of markets that promote unemployment and will continue to do so🤮 Lets stay in the present and f*** QR codes and f*** Amazon😎

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Guess people just need to find more marketable skills.

If you live in a country with better social safety net than US, etc., maybe your government should try investing in its citizens to acquire those said skills instead of just handing out money for kicks and giggles.

Maybe the government should just piss off and leave people live their every country😏 Your money money money will be the death of you🤑🤑🤑 People are more important than this futuristic bull. They should work together and cut off from the greedy🙌

 last year 

Or just get better skills and stop blaming the government.

Most of you guys are here on Hive for the money anyways. Lmao.

And maybe you should just wake up and smell the coffee🤯 I have plenty of skills and have never worked in any kind of a grocery store, but would never shop in something like this. I am working toward building small communities where there is no gov't. And I don't make much of anything off Hive. Good luck to you. You'll need it😉

I'd like to be part of a small community too one day. Just have no idea where to find such things these days.

Pre-covid i used to do a lot of traveling around England and Europe, working as a volunteer for room and board on the platform. Those were some fun ass times man.

Watch The Greater Reset starting tomorrow. It will give you ideas on how to find small communities of people looking for solutions 🙏

Thank you very much! I hear Max Igan is speaking there too. And also Kenny's Kitchen will be there too!

I will look into it!

 last year 

Lmao k


I agree completely.

🎵"I always feel like somebody's watching me
And I have no privacy (oh, oh)
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell me is it just a dream?"🎶 - M.J

This beggars belief!

The pastry section looks like it's competing with Lidl Bakery. They also do coffee! That's amazing :)

This post would have been good for Market Friday community, because you seem to have a thing for "markets" as I do too:)

This post would be right at home in the unemployment community too as places like this promote it. Just my opinion.

Even better indeed! #HumanElementPlease

I think so...I don't buy into the technology is best thing. Sure, it might seem attractive now, but with a rising population and less need for human workers I don't see a happy ending.

Thanks for your advice.. I will be sure to spend more time researching the communities in future. 😊

No worries! There are so many communities, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy them as you discover them.
Have fun 😊

Here is evidence that this was devised in 1887.

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I love new technology but hate how it does away with the human element. I much prefer to chat to the people on the tills and for them to stay in employment. I won't even use those self service tills.

 last year (edited)

The human element has long been irrelevant since the age of smartphones and people hanging around "web 3" in hopes for scraps.

I still need a human to tell me where the baked beans are ...

 last year 

They got robots for that already.

Oh ... I like a robot. 😀

I agree with you entirely. Although, there were still lots of customer service people in there to help customers understand what to do and I ended up chatting to them for far longer than I would have done with someone on the checkout.. swings and roundabouts I guess 😊

Yes, I probably need those staff as I'm lethal when left to my own devices! 😁

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The future is now...Except for those who want jobs. Not much future there,

I understand your point of view. As I previously alluded to... currently there are more customer service representatives then there probably ever would have been checkout attendants.... however, that will no doubt change and reduce as customers get used to the system.

I'm not one to use self-serve checkouts despite them becoming more prevalent. Airports make us check our own baggage, print boarding passes, places all going touch-screen...I wonder, maybe all the unemployed who don't turn to crime to feed themselves can become cops to catch the others?

What can we do to stay afloat?

I'm not sure; I think humanity is hellbent upon doing themselves out of jobs.

I hope there will be those of us who stand firm against that

Maybe. But when jobs decline and population rises so will crime...We'll all be busy trying to stay alive to worry about standing firm. I'll be dead and gone by then though, so I'll not have to worry. I pity the younger folk and the future they have.

You're right man, but the fork in the path will come indeed. The choice will be to either get busy living by following the societal shift, which seems to be one downhill path, or we get busy by aiming to be independent of the system as much as we can.

We need your blessings old man!

We're on the same page.

But...Old man? Lol.

Well the title of "old man" is very well respected in the Chinese culture; especially in Cantonese, Old Man is translated also into "Old One", a name reserved for the masters.

I should call you Elder instead eh?

I hope Philippines have it, too. I'm excited to try what technology can do more for comfort. Interesting content of yours. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

I miss the Philippines terribly. I am very much looking forward to visiting again when im able. Thanks for your comment 😊

You're welcome.☺️

Well, I may not have posted this in the correct group.. But at least it prompted a conversation 😊😊😊

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Wow what a conversation! So the high street killer wants to be on the high street? 😳

I’m tempted to check it out though, just to experience this thing. Did you know these shops can predict what they should have on sale? Amazon knows what most people in the neighbourhood tend to buy. They have that level of knowledge about you. Kind of mad isn’t it?

It's both amazing and quite scary. I'm pretty sure that by entering the store, I've probably signed away any sort of anonymity I may have previously had before the facial recognition got me 😄

I bet!