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The future is now...Except for those who want jobs. Not much future there,


I understand your point of view. As I previously alluded to... currently there are more customer service representatives then there probably ever would have been checkout attendants.... however, that will no doubt change and reduce as customers get used to the system.

I'm not one to use self-serve checkouts despite them becoming more prevalent. Airports make us check our own baggage, print boarding passes, places all going touch-screen...I wonder, maybe all the unemployed who don't turn to crime to feed themselves can become cops to catch the others?

What can we do to stay afloat?

I'm not sure; I think humanity is hellbent upon doing themselves out of jobs.

I hope there will be those of us who stand firm against that

Maybe. But when jobs decline and population rises so will crime...We'll all be busy trying to stay alive to worry about standing firm. I'll be dead and gone by then though, so I'll not have to worry. I pity the younger folk and the future they have.

You're right man, but the fork in the path will come indeed. The choice will be to either get busy living by following the societal shift, which seems to be one downhill path, or we get busy by aiming to be independent of the system as much as we can.

We need your blessings old man!

We're on the same page.

But...Old man? Lol.

Well the title of "old man" is very well respected in the Chinese culture; especially in Cantonese, Old Man is translated also into "Old One", a name reserved for the masters.

I should call you Elder instead eh?

Lol nah, old one is fine. I'm almost 52 so I guess I qualify. 😜✅