Hive Global Impact and Media Censorship - a Tech that will Change with Decentralization and Hive

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During the time that I have with my two jobs and their breaks, I am reading, talking to people globally, and trying to understand more about this life.

I believe that Hive delivers true content, authentic one with global reach. And that it stands for the future of reliable sources from where people can really see and depict the reality we live in.

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And reading this article of @lighteye ( and this one ( of @poor500bolos, both that I don't know and never spoke to...those articles made me think that we should all say what we think about "the way of the world".

And today I am sharing some things about Tech, Media and Manipulation with our Hive community here.

The most important segments of the new information technologies are not so many movies as news and advertisements. Most of the information is provided by a few trusts, thus organizing global propaganda. CNN,
BBC, ABC, and Al Jazeera, are all part of the public relations industry that operates through the famous concerted power.
There are hundreds of TV channels with cosmeticized and controlled news. The agenda is to show the STORIES they want you to see, the news they want to call that, not real news. The real news is broadcast by local stations with very limited reception.

The power of the screen is enormous, every word is absorbed, and every gesture is copied. It's not for nothing that we talk about "Pink" culture or MTV music. Television must flatten the minds of individuals, and consumers...they must be apathetic, obedient, and subordinate. Big corporations thus invest fabulous sums in this "leveling work", as Noam Chomsky says. Marketing penetrates more easily towards new consumers, towards those who do not have independent attitudes, and who do not think for themselves.

The giants of information, Time-Warner or Murcloch, have eliminated minor competitors and control the print media,
also penetrating the territory of South-Eastern Europe. An apparent proliferation of RTV channels, to the detriment of the press
written, it is essentially a concentration of information control. Information is the basis of news. News is a commodity
which is sold as toothpaste or shoe cream.
The Internet is no exception. The big corporations privatized and censored it instead of the state. Marketing policy is replaced by state policy. Marketing develops your taste: what to drink, what to eat - it standardizes the tastes and planned political reactions of citizens. So one of the ("habitus") regulars in the intellectual field, as the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieux calls him, he is the "mass-media intellectual" without any merit, who manipulates this space.

Fact: People need to be informed as little as possible to believe the official version of events. In this order of ideas, the theme of the issue is dedicated to influences on the mass media. There are different practices in that field.

When it comes to the minority press and not only, the control mechanism still works in mass media. The founder (regardless of who he is) appoints the responsible directors and editors, through which they control the personnel policy and the editorial policy, to which they also add indirect censorship financing. The mass media is a power of the state, thus explaining the existence of the ministries of information.
The influences on the mass media are also reflected through the manipulation - primarily of everyday life - in which we manipulate and are manipulated sometimes and without knowing it. When we know, we realize the propaganda.
Everything depends on the direction and flow of interests controlled or not by the elites.

Just my two cents for today.
Thank you for reading!

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