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Something really weird has been happening and is still happening on internet during these last days. I don't know about you, but lots of unusual anomalies are going on on my end across a few platforms and a heap of specific sites. Cloudflare have had IP ranges banned for many worldwide IPs for multiple countries and ISPs since several weeks so far. I bet you too must have noticed a few of these issues at some point.

In my case, today in particular, even my web browser stopped working. To the point that I had to install an old web browser that had a standalone offline installer and that I had already stored in my HD to be able to download and install again a new version of the usual web browser that I had been using and that had stopped working today. Curiously, today the internet did not even allow me to access the website of Brave.com to download their browser over several hours. All this time giving me error messages about certificates and shit like that. Uhm, very suspicious.

So, for the moment, I am not going to give many more details on the matter, since I am still conducting an investigation in full swing to try to determine WTF is really going on. In the meantime, just «click» on everything clickable below, verify what I have exposed here so far and I hope to read later in the comments section of this post your story and opinion about what I have published here until now. Cya later!!

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During the last days? Hmmm, it more feels like month now over here in France... Not really surprising though, since the EU is pushing for a online passport for a while now.

It all looked pretty normal to me. Good to see that the world is calming down a bit for the end days.