2023 Tech, Money, Mind and a Message from My Heart to Hive Community

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Happy New Year!


I've just come by shortly to share a few thoughts with you.

2022 was not a very active Hive year for me. Instead, I've started using different aspects of Science and Technology to work with several global teams on the blockchain. And through these experiences, I've come to understand the role and the importance Hive has as a global supporting community. It's far being tokenizations, first and second-layer tokens, compounding, and earning on the margins.
Hive is a living osmosis, a crazy critical mass of people gathering to support each other. Therefore, one of my 2023 objectives is to be more present here, to support others as I can, and to share pieces of my life that might help others as well.

Web3 encompasses Hive as a genuine change in the way people live, share and build and co-create. I want to be part of this experience more and more.

Personally, I am a believer in human goodness. I can't say I am a Christian. BUT I want to share this with you, as it came to me as a good message to all of us, especially now when we relate our lives to Tech so much and to the value of specific tokens.
At the end of 2022, I convey a thought inspired by a text by Rudolf Steiner.
God left Lucifer to rule the world and gave him as powers the mind, intelligence, and even a certain degree of wisdom, which can be attained by any being who consciously ascends this school of earth.


Mind, science, and the schools of earth cannot ground love with the same measure of understanding of human laws, rules, and standards, and men sigh in unhappiness even when surrounded by all riches.

====>>> I also believe all religious crimes should stop. All depreciative beliefs towards others and their choices should stop. Good is good and bad is bad. We don't need any religion to depict white and separate it from black and to act ethically, and compassionately towards others!

Love is magnanimous in all its actions, and a human who carries it in his/her heart will also spread it around him/her. We reach it when we are mature enough to smell it and not tear its petals.

I wish you to know love in any of the aspects you desire and need it!!

My 2 cents - For a brilliant 2023!

With love, Zpek!

Thank you, @lizelle for your initial support when I first joined Hive!

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It's a great pleasure helping folk like yourself, happy new year as well @zpek :)

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