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RE: Raspberry Pi(e) - an inedible but intriguing little robot

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I've got a few raspberry pi's kicking around. The newest one - the Pi 4 - is actually a really good machine! I'm currently building a robot car with a Pi3 with my son. I think using a Pi 3 for a 'desktop' would be possible, but maybe a little clunky.

I agree that using a phone for day to day activities is tough. The newer Samsung phones have the "Samsung Dex" interface which, when plugged into an HDMI monitor, can be used as a full-fledged desktop. It's neat and can be used in a pinch if it's available to you.


Thanks for your reply. To be honest, I prefer not to go for a phone ( although that Samsung sounds intriguing ). I want to move more toward open source, more decentralized Internet usage.

I was indeed considering the Raspberry 4 but am also wondering whether a click-on touch screen is preferable over an external monitor. I don't own a TV or any kind of external monitor at the moment.

And building a robot car with your son sounds like fun!