My favorite gadget?

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Got a favorite gadget you can't live without?

but these are very simple gadgets.
Nothing with electricity, cables or any electronics..

just a roll and a little ball made of hard foam.


Sadly I have permanent pain since a few years now. I've ripped all lingaments in my right shoulder. (Rockwood 5)
And the operation, where an artificial carbon-lingament was set in, (to get my shoulder back down to shoulder-height instead of ear-height) was 1.5 years after my accident. (1.5 years with worst posture you could anyhow imagine.. but not only on the right side of my body, but also on the left side - cuz it supported/ hold my whole body)

Now I got permanent pain, cramps and very hard tensions. But luckily found gadgets which help me against that! :)

I use 'em for nearly a year now. Every day. Nearly every hour.

Especially the ball helps me - I just lay on top of it and I can go really specific and deep into the exact right place. And then very slowly roll over my hurting muscles- kinda like a mixture of stretching and massage.
a massage which really hurts, but also helps me to deal with my pain in general.

I can't really explain what I do with it and how it works, cuz I don't think when I do it, I just do it and feel what's right and what doesnt feel good..
but I can tell you it often doesnt sound good (when one of the cramps stops it makes a loud weird sound) but feels amazing.

And I know it works.
With the roll I managed to come out of my crippled posture-
and with the ball I managed to get my Clavicle/collarbone into perfect position again - even though all doctors told me it will forever stand 2-3cm higher than my left shoulder..
and it really hurt. It felt like I ripped some cramped up muscles inside.. but after it, I instantly had more movement again.. :)
And the doctors were really surprised.

therefore it helped me to get my mobility back!
with mobility I can work on strength

but still have permanent pain and cramps/ tensions, which also go up into my head and down into my ass/leg..
with the ball and roll, I manage to make 'em appear less often..

So my favorite gadget I can't live without are my foam roll and ball!
without 'em, I had nothing to work against upcoming cramps..
and I wouldn't be able to think straight (cuz of pain) even though it is still improvable..

What also really helps me: DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) which is probably more a chemical substance than a "gadget".
(But I see everything as tool/ gadget)

It is extremely effective in helping the metabolism where it doesnt really work (in my case cramped shoulder- which had no movement and nearly no metabolism..)
DMSO is like a transportation matrix. It is liposoluble and water-soluble.
And you don't need harmful alcohol for extracts! :)

..but I guess that is for another chapter.. ;)


Das klingt übel. Gute Besserung!

ja.. was soll's..

amazing when the pain goes away!