My favorite gadget contest - Win 500 STEM Tokens

in STEMGeekslast year (edited)

Got a favorite gadget you can't live without?

Create a post in STEMGeeks about your favorite gadget and my favorite post will win 500 STEM tokens.

(If you play @dCityGame, that will allow you to run five Science Conventions)


  • You have 3 days to create your post.
  • Must be original content
  • 500 Word minimum
  • Images must be sourced unless they are yours or CC0
  • Use tag #stemgeekscontest

I will do my best to choose a winner 24 hours after the contest ends and announce it here.

The last Favorite Gadget contest had five entries, I'd love to see at least ten entries.

Think we can do it?

Our curators will be watching out for quality entries. Don't let them down!

Don't forget to share your posts on Twitter!


3 days was a bit of a tight timeline for week. Some of us work during the week and do our best work on the weekend.

Damn it. I wanted to submit and entry for either a hardware random number generator or a network ninja star vampire tap.

Wasn't meant to be. 😭

P.S. hope you made the cutoff

... network ninja star vampire tap.

A what? This sounds pretty cool!

I really liked the idea of ​​the contest, although I don't play dCity, I hope to see great posts.

Good luck to all participants.

Here is my entry based on six months with my Garmin watch.

This is so beautiful a contest @stemgeeks. I am glad to come across this contest and i am in for it, though i am a newbie. But i will give it a trial.

Mine is incoming! I thought I had 7 days... but I'm writing it now!