Mycelium Growth Preparation, Agar Additionals, General Timeframes, and Further Work - The Fun Part! (P3/4 in a Two-Blog Series)

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Agar Additionals, General Timeframes, and Where We're Off To Next – Where the Fun Begins:

Continued transferring is the key to removing contaminant from an agar culture of psilocybin, and as so,

You can see first weeks posting on Spore Distribution and Reproduction,
as well as proper spore usage and inoculation of such in reference to work to be done and for reference,

Based off :

And all the following, below;

it is common practice to complete many of these transfers and create multiple dishes for the purpose of storage, and continued decontamination, ensuring easy injection into a substrate for inoculation in the future.

To do so, it is suggested that one acquires both 1mL injection syringes and 10mL injection syringes, simply serving the purpose of allowing inoculation of both large and smaller substrate containments in the future. These will be examined the next series however when we inoculate our substrate, so stay tuned!

At this point, it is suggested one acquires between 1-3 plastic clear totes (strong enough to drill holes through) approximately 2-5ft in length by 2-3ft width, 2+ ft depth with a decent height, as this will support a colonizing "cake" of mycelium, as we will be examinining this month following. See below for example of a plastic tote [right] that can be used during growth.


A dark tote, seen above, completely sealable to air-tight specifications allows zero circulation to enter, except during times of work, is also to be acquired at this point and mason jars, in excess, depedant again on size of cakes to be grown -which will also be examined further- as well for usage in these totes.

While both liquid culturing and wedge transfer petri dish storage have their benefit, determinate time versus actual speed;

  • overall effectiveness versus exterior factors affecting;
  • ease of methodology versus difficulty of practice, etc.,


it should be noted that contamination is always a key environmental factor, and that sterilization is very important to exhibit during early stages of growth whenever your developed colony is exposed, again, to open air.


Once colonization reaches a certain point, it is evident that once upon a small spore, your creation, now a living and breathing element, will continue to grow and adapt to conditions, and be difficult to stop, like one would see in the environment where psilocybin-containing mushrooms are naturally found.

As extrapolated on in Hypnochain's posting, upon sterile inoculation there will begin to be evident signs of growth within 7-14 days, - but contamination, even earlier – with full colonization of this medium often within the week(s) following.

With links below, this posting serves more as a preparation for those Hypnochain postings related moreso to growrh upcoming, and an introduction to our next process of growth after we review some petri pouribg technique and general methodology.

Onward, if you've made it this far, congratulations! This is closing in on the endhpoint of my tri-section grouped blogging series on psilocybin and mycelium and growth.

This section concludes day 2 of 2, part 3/4 of my blogging series.

This post may be of interest to those interested in mental health relatability:

And next weeks posting here on mycelial storage,
And general timeframes and further work:

You can see last weeks posting on Agar utilization and proper methodology, here:

You can learn how to grow Agar, and how to prepare your dishes

Stemgeeks @

You can see this weeks posting on Liquid Culture creation and utilization,

Last weeks posting on mycelial spore utilization with agar here:

as well as proper spore distribution and inoculation of such here,

Hypnochain @

my personal blog:

and research blog:

PeakD: +

Thanks again all for hopefully some potential interest!

Best regards,

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