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RE: My first impressions of the Oculus Quest 2 I got for Hivefest

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I think your experience depends a lot on the shape of your head which you can't try out before buying. I also have a Rift S and going to Quest 2 I was pleasantly surprised. It kinda sits on my forehead not touching my small cheeks at all. And since most of the weight is on my forehead, it's comfortable enough that I don't really notice the headset while using.

I pretty much put it on and I'm good to go. Everything's clear, much more so than with Rift S and the strap is good enough for my short hair. I've noticed it tends to slip up and come off of your head when I've put it on people with long hair. One tip I could give you is to adjust the angle of the headset for better clarity if you need to. Just kinda rotate it so the screen isn't aligned 90 degrees or smth relative to your face.

Oh, and you should measure your IPD to get a definitive answer on what would be the best setting for you of the three. Mine's 68.9, so the third one is pretty much perfect for me. Here's a nice tutorial how to do it yourself:


Oh nice, I'll try measuring.

As for strap, they have an elite strap that I hear is really good (and one with a battery as well) but they have been breaking easily so they stopped selling them while they working on improving them. I hear they are a lot better and I plan on getting one but it isn't cheap $130 with the battery and case (both of which I want, but they charge a premium). There might be aftermarket options soon though.

I kinda lucked out on the included strap, but it's pretty terrible for most people. So I pre-ordered the elite strap with the battery and case myself just so everyone could have the best experience trying Quest 2 out. Who knows when it will arrive though now that they went back to the drawing board with it.

But the headset is designed to be modular, so good 3rd party straps are bound to come out. Here's a promising one that launches in a couple of days:

From my experience those halo straps have been the most comfortable. It takes care of the problem of having all of your headset weight sitting on your face and pulling it down.

About the IPD, if you fall somewhere in the middle and none of the 3 settings suit you then I hear you can actually get the lenses to stay put at in-between positions. So there is a way to get it right.

One last bit of warning I should probably give you is to be careful with glasses wearers. Glasses could scratch the lenses. Since I don't wear them myself and the headset isn't used by glasses wearers that often, I use these bumpers:

They get the job done and suit everyone, plus they don't get in my way when I'm using the headset. But if you wear glasses and are the main user then prescription lenses are probably the best solution. You can find those on Oculus' store. That's all I could think of right now. :)

I am going to test to see what my actual eye distance is using some of the testing methods so I can get an exact position where I should be.

That strap looks interesting, I do want one with a battery, having headset is kind of nice, I was planning on buying ear pods for it if I use it a lot.

Yeah, the extra battery is why I'm sticking with the official strap as well for now. In the meantime you could always use a power bank to get some extra juice. Not as comfortable though.

Personally I can't do without VR anymore, especially during this pandemic. It's not like I'm using it every day though, more like a couple of times per week, but it always blows me away, even after a year and a half. And it's nice to have the ability to go to the cinema, a museum or a film festival every now and then despite everything being locked down in the physical world.

Oh and do check out Viveport Infinity for PCVR content. It's a monthly subscription service for PCVR games and apps. There's a pretty decent selection to make it worth the asking price. If you're going to play at least one game per month then it pays for itself, 'cause even one game is usually more expensive on its own than the service fee.